Monday, 12 May 2014

If it's Monday it must be Holland...

As you know from previous posts it was my birthday recently – and I treated myself to a mini-cruise of Holland, Belgium and France!

It was terrific and a wonderful way to spend my birthday. They brought out a cake and lit candle and gave me a souvenir copy of the menu for that evening made to look like a birthday card.

My first port of call was Amsterdam which was prettier than I expected.

There was a great story from the guide about the red light district who said she was staying over with a friend one snowy Saturday night and when she looked out of the window the next morning there were lots of dogs. When she queried where the dogs came from her friends said, “It’s Sunday!” The guide was still mystified so the friend explained that the wives go to church on Sunday so the husbands walk their dogs………


This is me below next to a windmill just to prove I visited Holland!!

The next day we had an excursion to the beautiful medieval city of Bruges. No funny stories, but it was stunning.

The last day we took a coach journey from the ship to Monet’s House where the gardens were a RIOT of colour.

I grabbed people as I wandered asking if they spoke English. When they shook their heads I just thrust my camera in their hands, pointed to the biggest button to press and went and posed!

This is me at the gala dinner all dressed up to the nines J


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  1. Jen, it sounds like you had a great time on your cruise! What a great way to spend your birthday!!