Friday, 23 May 2014

Weekend Reading Recommendations

This week's books include role playing, string play and sex in the rain! Enjoy.

Title of book: Branding Dade

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Cowboy/MM/BDSM

Main characters:
Luke Pendleton is a cowboy with a hard edge. He's 34 and 6’ tall with blue eyes and black hair.

Border agent Dade Riley is a sexy law enforcement officer. He's 33 and 5’9" with blue eyes and auburn hair.

Setting:  Eagle Pass, Texas

Length: 30,139k

Synopsis: Bull rider Luke Pendleton is a Dom who only has one set of rules. His. When he’s arrested for fighting by an off-duty border agent, he’s forced to make a tough call. Border agent, Dade Riley, is in need of a good Dom to take control. Will he say yes to Luke?
What's Hot?: Sex outside in the rain!

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Title of Book: Enough, Club Pleasure 7
Name of Author: Allyson Young

Genre: a contemporary erotic romance

Main Characters: Emily Brown aka Prentiss is 5'4", 110 lbs, with long, blonde curly hair and blue eyes

Jordan Sterling is 6'2", 200 lbs, with dark brown hair and brown eyes

Setting: Club Pleasure

Length: 38K

Synopsis: Jordan Sterling can't pursue a career as a psychologist without resolving his own central issues-that of never feeling enough. Emily Brown reapplies at Club Pleasure, still aware she doesn't deserve much of anything.

Can an unworthy Dom and an undeserving submissive be enough for each other?

What's hot?: Role play - dressing up as a slave

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Title of book: A Dom to Love, Honor and Obey

Name of author: Jan Bowles

Genre: MF/BDSM

Main characters: Zack Marshall, 38 years old. Businessman, with dark/black hair, and silver-grey eyes.

Andrea Vicari, 32 years old, and the receptionist at Club Submission. Blonde hair, and hazel eyes. 

Setting:  Boston, MA

Length: 37, 424

When Andrea Vicari meets the incredibly sexy Zack Marshall, the new Dom in town makes her realize that perhaps she should reassess her life. The wealthy businessman is instantly attracted to the submissive, who insists on saying no when what she really means is yes. 

Will Andrea be able to fight off Club Submission’s new Alpha male predator? 

What's Hot?: String Play  ~  (If you don't know what is is, just imagine how a Dom could have some fun with string, and I think you'll guess right. ;)

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  1. Thanks, Jennifer
    Looking forward to a these great reads this weekend!
    Jan X

  2. These books all sound really good!