Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Writing Gay Short Stories

Yay! My gay short story Alien Manhunt was accepted by Evernight Publishing J

It is rather exciting since this is my first short story (and there is quite an art to writing short stories). One must avoid the desire to squash the whole of a novel into a short story. So rather than tell the journey of a relationship from meeting, to first date, first sex scene, first argument, etc etc, you could either take a scene from an established relationship or the start of a relationship and show how they met, or maybe the resolution of a conflict.

You will have to wait and read mine to find out which one of those I went with!

But this is also my first totally gay story. I did do The Last Werewolf with Susan Laine, which was an MMF story, but Susan did all the gay sex scenes! Of course, I had to go full out and do MMM!! No half measures with me.

Expect it out in July.



  1. Congratulations, Jen!!! I am looking forward to reading your short story!