Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Gay stories... short stories

Gay stories….short stories...

I bet you never thought you would see me writing either! The closest I have written is an MMF book The Last Werewolf, but the male sex scenes were written by my co-author on that book, Susan Laine.

And short stories is not something I am comfortable writing – the novella is my preferred writing length. Most of my own stories (not co-written) are novellas (20-30,000 words) with just a few in the mid 30,000s.

So why am I now writing a gay short story? Particularly considering my last experience when I submitted one to an anthology it was rejected? Actually, in that case, lots of authors who were experienced gay story writers also had theirs rejected, so I don’t feel too bad about that.

Nope, it came about last week when I woke up dreaming up a story idea for a gay short story. It was so good (at least I think so!!) that I have had to write it up. There is one thing to be said about doing short stories – they get written quicker! I am nearly finished already.

What can I tell you about it? It is MMM (I am not going into the gay writing business with any hesitation! But don’t expect any more any time soon. This is a one off.). It’s a sci-fi. The heroes are one human, and two aliens. It is a forced seduction story….. with a twist!

Ah ha! Can’t tell you any more or it will give it away, except there is some BDSM in it.

Watch this space….


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