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Author Interview - Raven McAllen

This month’s inspirational author is Raven McAllen – I love how she chose her pen name! Over to you, Raven.

Thanks for having me, Jennifer. I live in Scotland, along with my husband and two cats—the children having flown the nest—surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in my books.

I am used to sharing my life with the occasional deer, red squirrel, and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland—the midge.

My very understanding, and long-suffering DH, is used to his questions unanswered, the dust bunnies greeting him as he walks through the door, and rescuing burned offerings from the Aga. (And passing her a glass of wine as she types furiously.)

Why  Raven as a pen name?  EASY! The Raven is the harbinger of change. My Raven was around a lot after I sent Wallflowers Don't Wilt off to Breathless Press. And then, I was offered a contract. Thanks Raven.

McAllan? EASY! I live in Scotland. McAllan is a variation of the name of the BEST single malt in Scotland. What else could I pick? So O.K. It's a pen name, but one with deep meaning for me.

About You

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

I hate heights, and I walked up the Rock Fortress in Sri Lanka. It's scaffolding. Well not quite but it is scary metal steps you can see through. Even my kids said they were proud of me.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Read, cross stich, walk, drink wine… Mind you I can do the latter when I'm writing as well.
(Alcohol and writing always go hand in hand! LOL)

Who was the first boy/girl you kissed?

Ooh John Hunter, playing kiss-chase when I was 5… He grabbed me and I hit my head on a pebbledash wall. It was the school party and I had a big plaster on my forehead.

Your Writing

Tell us about your latest book.

That's hard… I have two out in the past week. Well one on general release and one 'just out'.

The one now on general release is the first book in a series called Diomhair, which is Gaelic for Secret. It's all about a BDSM club set in a renovated Scottish Castle. This book is called Secrets Shared, and it's published by Totally Bound.
(Sounds fab. Must buy!)

Jess is looking forward to her night out. Anticipation turns to dismay when she finds out she is being taken to a BDSM club.  After a disastrous experience in her past, Jess wants nothing to do with the life style.
David is doing a favour for a friend, and he is instantly attracted to the fiery Jess. The experienced Dom recognizes Jess's bluster for what it is—Fear. There is no doubt in his mind that Jess is submissive, but getting her to accept that fact will take some doing.

What makes a great hero?

It depends on the reader. One person's hero is another person's 'wouldn't touch with a barge pole' guy. Though I think he has to be someone you can relate to, decent, and a softer side which the heroine can bring out.

When did you write your first book (and is it published)?

Do you count a story I wrote for my children? A friend illustrated and it was all about Rumple Rabbit. A very untidy rabbit, his mummy got cross when he didn't put anything away. The only copy is the hand written and illustrated one I did for them.
(Reminds me to the sorts of books I wrote for children when I was younger!)

Quick Fire Round

Tall skinny men or short but muscular?

Tall and skinny, like my own DH was when I met him.

A juicy grilled steak with garlic butter or vanilla & raspberry cheesecake with white chocolate?

As I'm allergic to gluten, it has to be the steak.

Historical or sci-fi movie?

Admission time, I actually don't enjoy movies, I get bored. DH goes crazy because he enjoys the cinema. Even if he watches a movie at home, I'll be reading or writing.
(*gasp* that’s sacrilege! How can you not like movies! LOL)


Links of how fans can find you on the internet?

It's really easy. Everything you need to know is on my web

And here is an extract from her book:

“What do you mean this won’t do?” Jess looked down at her light grey silk racer back top and dark grey skinnies. They worked well with her pale skin and ginger hair. A typical Celt, she had to be careful of her colour coordination. In her mind, her clothes were perfect for a night’s clubbing. “We’re going clubbing. Last time we went to a club I wore these and you said they were perfect.”
Kath rolled her eyes. “There’s clubs, hon, and there’s clubs. A French Connection concoction, gorgeous as it is, won’t exactly hack it where we’re going. Not to mention you always wear those wherever we go. No, tonight you need to wear something like this.” She smoothed her hands over an almost-there mini skirt and a tiny bustier. Jess reckoned it would either cut off Kath’s circulation or pop her boobs out of the material like a jack in the box.
“And here’s yours. A dress instead, though, as you seem to have an aversion to my tops.” With a smirk Kath handed over a tiny scrap of bright pink material.
It was a beautiful clash with Jess’s hair and Jess winced.
“Go on get changed. We haven’t much time.” Kath held the material out to Jess, who ignored it. Kath stuffed the dress into Jess’s hands, smirking as Jess took it and held onto it automatically. Jess looked on as Kath took a deep breath and her boobs almost spilled over the top of the leather bustier then shook her head in mock despair. Surely it was mere willpower that held it up?
“Kath, that top is almost indecent. What does my lovely twin say about you going out showing nearly your all?”
Kath giggled. “Jessie, love, he chose it. And he’ll meet us at Diomhair later.”
“Jeever?” Jess repeated, doing her best to copy Kath’s accent. “What’s that?” It wasn’t a name she’d heard before, and she’d bet her new handbag it wasn’t spelled how it was pronounced.
Kath sighed and Jess got a strange feeling deep in her stomach. Scary, like the time Kath had persuaded her to bungee jump from the Finnieston Crane, or when they’d sky dived. In her opinion, Kath was sneaky. Jess replayed Kath’s words in her mind.
“Hold on, you say Jeff’s meeting us?”Kath nodded.“Well I might as well not come then. He’s worse than our mum. If a guy even smiles at
me he wants his life history. Heaven help me if one asks me to dance. Especially not dressed in a scrap of almost nothing.”
Kath giggled. “Er, Jessie love, I maybe need to tell you exactly where we’re going. Before the car gets here.”
Oh ho. Jess’s body clenched. She’d seen that particular look on her friend’s face before.
“Go on.” She did her best to keep the wariness out of her voice and was sure she hadn’t. “And stop shoving that pelmet at me, no way am I going anywhere in that.”
“Diomhair, it’s Gaelic for—”
“I know what it’s for.” Why hadn’t she made the connection earlier? “Secret. Oh shit, don’t tell me it’s some weird pop up place, and we’re blindfolded to get in? Oh no, Kath, no, no, no, you’re not dragging me into anything weird. Not again. That shop in town was bad enough.” Jess blushed as she remembered the bondage shop Kath had dragged her into. She’d chosen to ignore the way her nipples had puckered when she’d seen clamps and chains designed for that part of the body, and her juices had gushed looking at a clit clamp and various jewellery to decorate it. Once she’d worked out what it was meant for, that was. She might have the idea she was fairly street wise, but Jess knew now, that whatever she’d done she was a babe in arms compared to a lot of people—Kath probably being one.
Kath howled with laughter, then sobered. “Where do you think I got this from?” She ran her hands over the bustier. “Look, hon, you said you wanted to get out of your rut. Jeff and I decided this was the best way. Hell, I reckon if you’ll let yourself, you’ll not only enjoy the night, you’ll be more than interested to indulge.”
“Whatever you fancy. Oh, Jess, don’t look like you’re going to watch an execution, you don’t have to do anything. Hell, you can stop in the bar and drink orange juice if that’s your preference, but you did say it was up to me to shake you up a bit.”
 “Hmm there’s shaking, and there’s shaking.” Jess knew she sounded less than enthusiastic. “So, what exactly are we going to?” The way Kath looked at her made her heart pound and her stomach churn. She wasn’t going to like the answer she was sure. “Fess up.”

Thanks for having me, Jennifer. It was great.

You are very welcome, Raven. Good luck with your books. Next month’s inspirational author is Mari Carr.


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  1. Enjoyed the interview! Secrets Shared looks like a really good book! I am looking forward to reading it.