Friday, 27 June 2014

Weekend Reading Recommendations

Sensation play with strawberries and roses, exquisite use of the strap and drool-worthy aliens are on offer today!

Title of book: Torn Between Two Lovers (The Haunt of the Wolves 2)

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: MFM Werewolf BDSM romance

Description of main characters:

Evie Pierce, werewolf, 24, very very light ash blonde hair. Pale blue eyes. Tall like werewolves usually are (5ft 10). Not as lean as some female werewolves but certainly strong and fit.

Stefan Russell, werewolf, 32, dark blond hair, to base of neck. Light brown eyes. Very tall (6ft 2in), very muscular. Master at The Haunt.

Jace Talbot, human, 29, short dark hair. Green eyes. Same height as Evie (so 5ft 10in) but shorter than Stefan. Not unfit, but average weight for a human. City boy, born and bred. 

Setting: Deer Park

Length: 40,000

Blurb: When submissive shifter Evie, runs out on her werewolf Dom, Stefan, she is attacked by rogues, but rescued by a human, Jace. As she recovers they begin to fall in love. But Evie is torn between Jace and his sensual, romantic ways or her old BDSM life with Stefan. Human or werewolf? Gentle or rough?

What’s Hot: Sensation play with strawberries and roses with one lover and double penetration with a beer bottle with another

Title of book: Taken by her Alien Warriors
Name of author: Doris O'Connor
Genre: Sci-fi MMF
Description of main characters: Lord Ornack, Drakan. In high standing in this dominant race, he is in need of a mother for his son, and the one woman to unite him with his male lover, Zorran, Cirrion Warrior, enemy of Drakan, determined to ignore his feelings for his mates and do the honourable thing of letting them go.
Gemini Hudson, feisty, yet submissive human who has not one, but two huge seven feet aliens to contend with - just as well she loves them both, and is not afraid to knock some sense into them.
Setting: Unspecified time in our future on Earth and Drakan
Length: 32,000
Blurb: Cirrion Warrior Zorran's rescue of Gemini comes back to haunt him, when she grows into a beautiful young woman that awakens feelings long buried. Giving her to his Drakan lover, Ornack, seems the perfect solution, but walking away from the people he loves brings with it disastrous consequences.
What's hot?: Drool-worthy aliens who have unique ways of using their horns.

Title of book: Taking Eve

Name of author: Tina Donahue

Genre: Paranormal erotic romance, elements of BDSM

Description of main characters:

Faith/Eve – In this life, Faith’s in her late twenties, long dark hair,
green eyes. She works as a book editor. As Eve, she was also in her
twenties and signed away her freedom to the House of Lords, a hidden manor where carnal passion rules.

Colin/Anthony – In this life, Colin’s in his early thirties, six-three,
hot as sin, dark hair, blue eyes. He’s a hypnotherapist who brings his
clients back to their former lives. He’s also Faith’s lover from her first
life when she was Eve. Then, he was known as Anthony, the noble master she craves most.

Setting: Seattle, Washington in the present. Victorian England, 1838, in
the past.

Length: Novel – 59,900 words


Dreams of a manor where submission and dominance once ruled draws Faith to Colin who looks remarkably like her most cherished master from a past life. Through hypnotherapy, he brings her back to the Victorian era where she eagerly submits to whatever he and her other noble masters crave.

What’s hot?: The exquisite discipline of the strap


  1. Thanks for spotting Taking Eve! :)

  2. All three of these books sound awesome! I am looking forward to reading the second book in the Haunt of the Wolves series! Doris O'Connor always has HOT reads and I am looking forward to reading a book from Tina, a new author for me!!