Monday, 23 June 2014

Something you never knew about me...

Something you never knew about me – I used to (no time now, too busy writing!) do my own tapestries. This is my Millennium Tapestry.

I was inspired by the new millennium and my love of history to come up with pictures to represent major events/people/ happenings in those 2,000 years. The pics were randomly chosen, depending on what came to me – so I soon realised that I couldn’t think of an awful lot of things that happened in the first 1,000 years, subsequently there are only about 11 pics representing the first millennium, eg, Romans, Vikings…….

Later I became aware that over 25% were in my lifetime – well, what can I say? These were historical events that meant great things to me personally, eg, Berlin wall coming down, end of apartheid in South Africa, pop music, Star Trek…..

If you wanted to have a go at guessing the pics there is a clue – the shape the pic is one is relevant:

circles (well octagons!) are explorers and explorations;
ovals are inventors and inventions;
squares are empires conquerors, republics, and religions (a bit of a catch all category!);  rectangles are battles and wars;
diamonds are hopes and triumphs;
triangles are disasters and tragedies;
crowns are great leaders and good people;
squiggly outlines are mysteries!

The words around the edge are the arts: so quotes from books, poems, music, titles of artwork and they run into one another.

If you guess pic or quote any just leave a comment indicating what you have guessed!



  1. Cool tapestry!! I saw a sinking it the Titanic? That is really neat and there is so much cool information on it!!