Friday, 6 June 2014

Weekend Reading

Sex on a sacrificial altar, foreplay in a moving vehicle and some nipple piercing are all on offer in this weekend's books!

Title of Book: Hannalore's Treasure

Name of Author: Skye Michaels

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, M/F Contemporary, Sextreme

Description of main characters:

Dr. Tyler Brandon, tall, dark and handsome bad boy, head of the archaelogoy department at Stanford.

Hannalore Bascomb, his blonde, blue eyed assistant is beautiful in a quiet way but extremely wary of Dr Brandon. Her glasses and uptight clothing are more for camouflage and protection from Ty.

Setting: Golden Dolphin, 300 foot mega yacht and newly discovered Guatemalan Mayan sacrificial altar

Length: 62,803 words, 227 pages

Blurb: While taking a cruise to investigate a new archaeological site in Guatemala, teaching assistant, Hannalore Bascomb, has to deal with sexy Stanford professor, Ty Brandon, tomb raiders and a BDSM cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin.

What's Hot: Sex scene on Mayan sacrificial altar of Warrior Queen

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Title of Book: All The Difference (Club Aries 1)

Name of Author: Jordan Ashley

Genre: Siren Classic Erotica, MF

Description of Main Characters; Diego, 28, 6’1”, Black hair, dark brown eyes, exotic dancer and fitness competitor

Jamie, 26, 5’2”, Red hair, Blue eyes, Secretary for a big wig lawyer

Setting: Nashville, Tennessee

Length: 23,400 words

Blurb: Jamie Monroe planned a weekend away, but meeting the whirlwind that was Diego Ramirez changed all of that.  Love at first meet was something unheard of to the both of them, but it would not be denied. It’s up to them to accept it and let it make All The Difference

What’s Hot?: Foreplay in a moving vehicle

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Title of book: Submissive Training

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM/MF with an MFM scene

Main characters: Kat, drop-dead gorgeous, very tall, long red curls to her waist. Voluptuous, long legs. Blue eyes. Mid-late 20s. Comes over as self-assured but this hides some insecurities

Ben, blond, taller than Kat, muscular chest, handsome but can look hard-faced, rarely smiles, piercing green eyes, mid-brown hair really short, a Dominant. Early-mid 30s.
Setting:  modern day, mostly at a hotel hosting a BDSM conference

Length: 29k

Despairing of Dominant Ben showing an interest in her Kat attends a submissive training conference at which he is a trainer.  Not believing she is docile enough for him, despite her fascination with the lifestyle, and confused by his growing feelings, Ben puts her through some increasingly intimate tasks.

What's Hot?: Having her nipples pierced.

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  1. Great blog, Jennifer. Thanks a million for the opportunity. - Skye Michaels

  2. Three more books that sound really good! These all sound really interesting.