Friday, 19 September 2014

Weekend Reading

Sex in the shower, a threesome on Moone Mountain or in a regency style dungeon? That's what's on offer today.

Title of book: Texas Twang (Bryson Corners #1)
Name of author: Paige Warren

Genre: Cowboy/Interracial

Description of main characters:

Drew Benson is over six feet of chocolaty goodness, with bright blue eyes. He’s 32 and has two younger siblings.

Lexie Duvall is a petit, curvy woman with long blonde hair. She’s 27 and an only child.

Setting: The story takes place in Bryson Corners, a small town in Oklahoma not far from the Texas border.

Length: It’s a short novella (Romance on the Go line)


Lexie Duval has always gone after what she wants, and she wants Drew Benson. The tall, sexy mocha cowboy is one hunk of a man she'd love to get her hands on. A rodeo cowboy through and through, she just hopes he can stay on for longer than eight seconds.

What’s hot?: Sex in the shower

Title of book: Ménage on Moone Mountain
Name of author: Bella Settarra

Genre: Erotic Romance, Cowboy Romance, M/M/F Ménage

Description of main characters:

Brooke Anderson – calls herself Brooke Adams when she first arrives at Moone.  Pretty face.  Plumpish.  Very soft skin, big blue eyes, long, blonde wavy hair.  Not very self-confident.  About 26 yrs old. 5’5” tall.

Travis Beaumont – Dom – bi-sexual - cowboy, dark, tousled hair to collar, brown eyes, stubble, smells of Giorgio Armani, dazzling smile, grins a lot, optimistic and cheerful.  Slightly hairy chest, southern drawl, very muscular. About 28 yrs old.  6’3” tall.  Runs his own ranch.

Kent Freeman – Dom – bi-sexual - deputy sheriff, blond curly hair to collar, big green eyes, very soft hands, soft to cuddle up to, muscular, large build, clean shaven face and chest. About 29 yrs old.  6’2” tall.

Setting: Moone Mountain in Moone County, Colorado

Length: Approx 65,000 words

Blurb:  While on the run from a violent ex-boyfriend, Brooke finds herself being looked after by Travis and Kent, two gorgeous bi-sexual cowboys.  While her every instinct tells her to keep running, the pull that these guys have on her is so strong that she hesitates – almost costing her her life…

What’s Hot?: Heroine has double penetration with two hot, dominant cowboys – what’s not to love?

Title of Book: First Bite

Name of Author: Tamsin Baker

Genre: MMF Historical, Vampire Erotic Romance

Description of main characters:

Lina is a 400 year old but looks 25. She’s a green eyed, voluptuous vampire with the need to dominate in bed.

Benedict is 31, a Regency gentleman and is tall, dark and handsome.

Antony is older than even Lina, but is closer to 35 in looks. He’s darker, more handsome and built like a Greek God.

Setting: Regency period London

Length: 24,000 words

Blurb: Can two possessive and passionate vampires make a relationship work with the one human they are both destined to love?

What’s hot?: Hot threesome in a regency style dungeon

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  1. These books sound so awesome! Cowboys and vampires what's not to love! Thank you for the great suggestions!!