Sunday, 7 September 2014

Third Anniversary

Yay! Today is the third anniversary of when I became a published author.

The year started with me just having started writing again after a long spell where I was just too tired to write. Since then I have had three novellas published and two short stories (and a third one written which is out in November).

So my first novella this year was the sequel to ‘Retraining the Sub’ – and that was Retraining the Dom! I had planned these as a two part series having come up with the titles first, and this one covers the story of Trey and Olivia – both of whom are older people. I had fun writing a ‘sex in a hot tub’ scene and including a ‘dragon head whip’.

This was followed by the first in a new series ‘Bounty Hunters’ Captive (I had intended calling this ‘Captured in Space’ but the sister of one the heroes went and got herself captured – our characters do have a mind of their own, you know! – so ‘Captured in Space’ became the series title and the next story, still to be written, will feature the sister). Anyhow, if you are a sci-fi geek you will love this story about Felissa, Garin and Rayn as it has lots of sci-fi references. In case you think the names sound familiar, it is the story that came out of ‘Friendly Seduction’.

My last novella was the second in ‘The Haunt of the Wolves’ series and was entitled Torn Between Two Lovers about werewolf Evie (who featured in the first in the series) who is torn between her werewolf Dom, Stefan, and her human lover, Jace. It finishes with an almighty flood and having to rescue stranded werewolf kids.

About the time I finished this I had a dream about an MM plot. When I woke up I thought it would make a terrific short story, particularly as it has a twist at the end, and so I wrote my first MM story – which became MMM – about three aliens. Greg (human), elf-like Suva (from Espoornia) and reptilian Taran (from Cinattra). It is called Alien Manhunt.

(I liked these characters so much that I ended up writing Alien Manhunt 2 so I could continue their story, which was another first – my first MM, my first short story and my first continuation with the same main characters. It will be out in November and is set on Suva’s planet this time).

 My last book out this year is Kink After Dinner and is for a new publisher, Luminosity Publishing. It is nice to work for an English publisher for a change – and it was also nice to write about a heroine my own age! Beth is a middle aged woman who throws off her inhibitions and takes up BDSM – and also takes a lover! This was another short story and is intended to be a teaser for a longer series set in an English country mansion that hold BDSM events…. Watch this space.

All books are available from or

As for other writing things – I went to Eroticon again, which was back in Bristol once more, and Smut by the Sea (Scarborough again). At the later I did another reading (not as nerve wracking as last year) and have had a workshop proposal accepted for Smut in the City in Manchester in November. My workshop is entitled: Working with a co-author – the way to make or break a friendship! I will tell you in November how it goes.

I also starting buying charms for a bracelet – each charm represents one of my books. I have several still to buy (I am getting around one a month) but here are the ones I have so far. They include a book (Just Good Friends), a flower (The Submission Challenge), a typewriter (Friendly Seduction), a green heart (Submissive Training), a movie camera (Friend or Foe), a camera (The Sub who Switched), the number three (Wife for Three), a church (Retraining the Sub), a pint of ale (Chasing Emily) - and my initials.

Many thanks to my lovely Street Team who have been very helpful assisting me with book covers, book titles and written great reviews.

Look out tomorrow – I have a competition to celebration my anniversary. There will be ten short questions based on this blog. I will post the questions tomorrow 5pm UK time (12noon EST). There are three prizes – a big goodie bag, a small goodie bag and an ebook for the first three people to email me the answers.