Monday, 8 September 2014

Third Anniversary Competition

Okay, here it is. My third year anniversary competition! First prize – big goodie bag and ebook from my books. Second prize – small goodie bag and ebook from my books. Third prize – ebook from my books.

To win – email your answers to the questions below (to They are based on yesterday’s blog post. That’s all you have to do. The winners are based on a first come first served basis if you have given me the correct answers.

T – What was the name of the alien from Cinattra in Alien Manhunt?

H – Where was the location of the sex scene that I had fun writing in ‘Retraining the Dom’?

I – What is the middle word of the series for which ‘Bounty Hunters’ Captive’ was written?

R – What did I do at the Scarborough event?

D – What meal are they having in the short story for Luminosity Publishing?

Y – What colour is my name written in on ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’ cover?

E – Where will Alien Manhunt 2 be set?

A – A pint of what drink is the charm for ‘Chasing Emily’?

R – What great things have my Street Team written this year?

Bonus question (one point for each one correct): Name all my books that have been published since my last anniversary.

Good luck.


  1. Congratualtions, Jennifer! Three years in the business and still going strong!

    Jan x