Monday, 29 September 2014

Going Commando

Going commando!

A writer friend recently emailed to say she’d had to leave home in a rush for a medical emergency in the family and consequently forgot to pack any knickers! She only had the ones she stood up in and was having to go out to buy some more.

Now, whilst that is an excellent opportunity to get some nice new underwear, I laughingly advised her to go commando. I love it myself.

If I am wearing a skirt or dress for the day job (which involves a commute on bus and train of about 80 minutes) there is always the element of danger that the skirt may ride up as I am sitting, or blow up if it is windy outside. It makes me feel wicked and decadent. (I have yet to try walking over an air vent aka Marilyn Monroe, although she was wearing underwear ….)

If I am wearing trousers the element of naughtiness is lost – but this is regained if I am wearing my soft cords. The feeling of this material against my nether regions is decidedly shameless!

My friend’s comment after trying it out was that she felt liberated!

For me going commando is not just about dropping my knickers but flinging off the bra, too. I feel I can breathe better, don’t have any annoying wires or straps digging in…. AND I have a much posture. My shoulders go back and do the work of holding up the boobs that they were meant to do.

However, I do realise that not everyone is in a position to do that. I am size C cup and can cope.

Unfortunately I can’t get away with going braless at the day job. Not that I am flopping around, but the nipples show through my tops and as I am in a reception area, we have too many visitors coming past! Having said that sometimes the nipples show despite the bra *sigh*

But I have certain dresses or tops that have enough material in them that I can get away with it… *evil grin*

Go on …. try it.


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  1. Wow! That was a way interesting post. I had never thought of some of the reasons for going commando.