Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Decorations

Here’s some pics of my decorations at home this Christmas.

The tree – my favourite part of putting the decorations up is unwrapping the decorations as I buy a new one each year.

I put tinsel and baubles over every surface I can!

On the mantelpiece I have a nativity tableau with whatever figurines I have handy from my foreign doll collection or ornament collection or soft toys! (Yes I know my stable is leaning. There is nothing in the bible that says it WASN'T leaning!)

And on the wall I hang my nativity tapestry that I made. The background is the Holy Land 2,014 years ago with lots of biblical symbolisms, eg, a black sheep, a man in a many coloured coat and so on.

Then I have smaller tapestry pieces with the specific nativity characters, eg, Mary, Joseph, angels, kings, innkeeper, sheep, gifts etc etc, which have Velcro on the back so they can be stuck onto the main picture and taken off again very easily!



  1. Lovely! Putting mine up today :)

  2. Thank you for letting us see your beautiful Christmas tree, decorations and Nativity scenes!

  3. You are both welcome. It was fun to show you.