Monday, 8 December 2014

Sexual habits of voters

This was an amusing snippet on the news last week (for any readers outside the UK – Labour is to the left, Lib Dem is middle of the road, Conservative is to the right and UKIP are even further right):

Pollsters YouGov recently did some research on the sexual habits of different kinds of voter. Labour and Lib Dem supporters claimed to have the most adventurous sex lives. Labour voters also had the highest opinion of their own sexual prowess, claiming to be "long lasting, exciting and varied". Conservative supporters, by contrast, described themselves as "consistent, conventional, frequent". UKIP supporters were, if anything, even more conventional, writes YouGov associate director of analytics Bernadeta Wilk. Lib Dem supporters reported the widest range of sexual behaviours "including erotic massage, orgies, sex with someone from a different ethnicity and sex with a transsexual"

So it follows then that I vote Lib Dem…… although I have some things to catch up on clearly!

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