Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Character profiles for 'The Sub Who Switched'

This month’s character profiles are from the last book in the Doms & Acquaintances series:

Name – Ellie Grant

Book – The Sub Who Switched

Love interest – Nick

Age – 30 (just turned 30)

Hair/eyes – Shoulder length pale blonde hair/hazel eyes

Height/weight – Tall (5ft 9), slender

Looks – Good

Other – Co-owns an art gallery with Rebecca (heroine of The Submission Challenge)/ Sister to Rebecca’s husband Jon.

Name – Nick Sinclair

Book – The Sub Who Switched

Love interest – Ellie Grant

Age – 30

Hair/eyes – Dark blond hair/blue eyes

Height/weight – A couple of inches shorter than Ellie at 5ft 7/reasonably muscled

Looks – Good

Other – Works as a photographer


Needing to prove she is still desirable, being the last of her girlfriends to find a partner, Ellie Grant has erotic photographs taken for her thirtieth birthday. Meanwhile, wanting a Dominant man and fascinated with the BDSM lifestyle, she keeps turning down gentle Nick Sinclair.

Advice from Ellie's friends on how to change his basically submissive nature sees Nick getting tutorials from a Master in a BDSM club, visiting a women's sex shop, and using a "rabbit" on Ellie. Hiccups occur including a disastrous date, a male stripper, and Ellie having sex in the club with a stranger while restrained.

Asked what she really wants, an upset Ellie blurts out, "To be a sex slave." Does Nick call her bluff, and can he change his personality? Will Ellie finally see Nick as the person she's been looking for and submit to him? An unusual suggestion from a friend proves the catalyst.

Review on Amazon UK: The most unusual part of this, for me, was the fact that Nick wasn't the stock 6ft 2in plus hero that I read about mostly and that he was in fact a little shorter than Ellie, who is a tall girl. How refreshing! I really appreciate the fact that Jennifer writes about ordinary, everyday people who happen to be unusually erotic.

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