Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Portmeirion with Bella Settarra - writing and crafts

I’ve had a fabulous weekend with Bella Settarra in Portmeirion. She had never visited the venue so I was delighted to show her around – and she loved it as much as me! I showed her around the resort on the afternoon we arrived - but by the time we were coming back through the woods it was getting rather dark and we had to tentatively make our way down steep slate steps! Despite that she still loved it!

We stayed in Upper Pilot cottage which has terrific view of the estuary (my plan is to stay in a different cottage each time. I’ll probably be visiting them when I am a very old lady…..)

Here we are cavorting on the chaise longue!

You can see the village through the window behind Bella. We had a great time doing writing exercises on the Friday evening and I even tried out the exercise I am going to do at my next writing workshop at Smut Scarborough in May… all I will say is it involves werewolves since the theme of the event is all things paranormal!

Our main reason for going this weekend was to visit their food and craft fair on Saturday. There were over a 100 stalls all over the resort (which is built on the side of a hill so there was a lot of walking…) needless to say I am exhausted today as it involved a 6 hour journey both ways – and coming back I was carrying lots of xmas pressies (well, I also bought some Portmeirion pottery so it serves me right that I am aching all over!).

Before we left we had time to visit the shell grotto.

Our overwhelming feeling was how peaceful and secluded it was – and coming back into Wrexham to get my train back was a bit of a shock!

However, we enjoyed ourselves so much we talked about making it a yearly event.... watch out Portmeirion here we come again!

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