Friday, 1 May 2015

Weekend reading

Fighting a ghost, fighting love and fighting between Doms – what next?

Title of book: The Recording Room

Name of author: Iyana Jenna

Genre: MM Horror Contemporary Romance

Description of main characters:

Lucian Salvatore, early 20s, light blond hair, greenish brown eyes, journalist

Setting: A small fictional town in Illinois named Clover East

Length: 17k words


Lucian Salvatore returns to Clover East after his grandmother calls him home to take care of the family's recording studio. Nate Lockwood is the man who practically runs the Salvatore studio. He suspects he's going to be replaced once Lucian comes home to take over the business. But Nate doesn't plan on leaving Clover East soon.

What's hot?: Nate has to fight a ghost to win Lucian over.

Title of book: Her Lion Protector (The Protectors, 3)

Name of author: Doris O'Connor

Genre: Contemporary, paranormal, BDSM

Description of main characters:

Leon Friars, drool worthy Lion Shifter, 35, six foot seven, dominant, Protector and a bit of a bad boy. Hopelessly in love with the heroine, but not at all sure he can ever trust her.

Rebecca Hastings, 28, five foot seven, Guardian Witch, red haired with the temper to match. Also hopelessly in love—with the hero, and trying to make amends for her teenage silly self.

Setting: Fictional village of Middle Brook, Cumbria, UK

Length: 40,424 K


Mess with the fates at your peril… When Rebecca Hastings denies the bond between her and Lion Shifter Leon Friars, it has far reaching consequences. Can she convince Leon to give her a second chance, and will they ever be happy?

What's hot?: Spanking, Outdoor sex involving a motor bike, D/s and lots of growling ;-)

Title of book: Retraining the Dom
Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: BDSM

Description of main characters:

Trey – 40s, Dom, dark, strong, needs retraining, abusive past

Olivia – 50s, Domme with submissive streak, tall, voluptuous, phoenix tattoo

Setting: modern day, BDSM club

Length: 32k

Blurb: Trey has to go on Club Allure’s Retraining programme, but he is too strong a Dom to be controlled by another. Olivia is a mature, experienced Domme hiding a submissive streak. Can she tame Mr Control himself, or will she be tamed instead?

What’s Hot?: Double penetration in a hot tub.


  1. Thanks for spotlighting me today, and in such great company :-)

  2. I have not had the opportunity to read Iyana Jenna yet. Doris O'Connor's The Protector Series is really good and I am looking forward to learning more about Leon and Rebecca. I did enjoy reading Retraining the Dom. Such awesome books to read this weekend!!