Friday, 8 May 2015

Weekend Reading

Temptation, abduction and a serial killer – they’re all in today’s books!

Title of book: Longing for Her

Name of author: Lynn Burke

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic

Description of main characters:

Cole Risso – 6’2” Irish Italian from Boston. 35 years of age, brown hair, blue eyes. Future patriarch of the Risso Family business.

Gwen Larkin – 5’2” free spirit and unconventional daughter of a pot-toking hippie. 25 years of age, dyed red hair in a pixie cut, hazel-green eyes. Best friend of Cole’s baby sister.

Setting: Boston, MA present time.

Length: 14k


When one night of giving into temptation ruins them both for any other, Cole and Gwen are faced with a decision - love the other enough to let them go, or defy family expectations and fight for their hearts’ desires.  

What’s hot?: Sex on the kitchen island

Title of book: The Last Werewolf 

Name of author: Jennifer Denys and Susan Laine

Genre: MMF

Description of main characters:

Summer Harrison, English (with Finnish mother), strawberry blonde hair, tall, mid twenties, fit, witty, smart, a sports coach (and werewolf).

Rik Linna, Finnish, late twenties, bi-sexual, a banker, dark haired, hunky, easy going.

Leevi Valo, Finnish, mid thirties, bi-sexual, owner of a garage, blond, very tall, lean, ruggedly handsome, brooding.

Setting:  Contemporary – England and Finland

Length:  60k


Summer believes she is the last werewolf in the world, but when she finds an old letter from Finland she travels there. Although drawn to a Finnish man, Rik, he confesses to having feelings for his ex-boyfriend, Leevi. Uncovering the truth about her wolf heritage is fraught with peril when she is abducted and imprisoned in an old fort.

What's Hot?: A threesome in a hill fort in the wilderness of Hell’s Lake.

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Title of book: Through Her Eyes
Name of author: Amber Morgan

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Description of main characters:

Keira Swanson – late twenties, brunette, teacher, mild psychic abilities.

Dom Abbott – thirties, dark hair, six foot, police detective

Setting: Modern-day London

Length: Short story – approx 11k


Six years ago, Keira nearly died at the hands of a serial killer. The experience left her with more than just physical scars. She was psychically linked to the killer, a helpless witness to all his crimes. Now the man known as the Shoreditch Slasher has killed again, and Keira is dragged right back into his path.

What’s hot?: A second chance at love while a killer draws closer

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  1. All three of these sound really interesting. I have read The Last Werewolf and really liked it. Looking forward to reading Longing for Her and Through Her Eyes.