Friday, 22 May 2015

Weekend Reading

Limousines, winter wonderland or an alternative universe reminiscent of New Orleans – where will love strike next?

Title of book: Passion’s Hope (The Doms of Passion Lake 3)

Name of author: Julie Shelton

Genre: BDSM Contemporary, MMF and MFM Ménage

Description of main characters:

Nik Rostov: Russian, mid-40's, six feet eight inches, long black hair, dark brown eyes, tattoos on arms, back and head. Wears gold hoop earring.

Jay Gillespie: early thirties, six feet four inches tall, shaggy brown hair, green eyes.

Charlotte Fielding: long, straight black hair, light brown eyes, six feet tall and gorgeous.

Setting: The Passion Lake Lodge (a log cabin fishing/hunting/camping/ hiking paradise in the Virginia foothills, which Nik and Jay own)

Length: 110,000+ words


Charlotte Fielding witnesses a scorching scene between Nik Rostov and Jay Fielding in a BDSM club. When they spot her the combustion between them flares into a conflagration that consumes them all. But Charlie is fleeing a vengeful ex-Dom. Will Nik and Jay be able to keep her alive?

What's hot? Sex in a limousine

Title of book: Bound To Her
Name of author: Michelle Monkou

Genre: Erotic Romance

Description of characters:

Rock, park ranger, jet black hair, sky blue eyes, rugged close shaven beard, early 30s, 6' 3"

Bethany: soft green eyes, honey blond, entertainment publicist, late 20s, 5' 7"

Setting: Maine

Length: novelette (12K words)


California beauty, Bethany Rhodes, needs an emergency getaway after a humiliating revelation about her surfer boyfriend. She chooses the opposite coast for her escape to the Maine mountainside. A blistering blizzard rolls keeping her snowbound at the inn where her attention focuses on the grumpy, but gorgeous, innkeeper’s brother…Rock Braxton.

What's Hot: Sexy hot nights in a winter wonderland

Title of Book: Jack the Stripper (Jack the Stripper was originally published by Loose Id as "Zombie Jack". It has been re-edited and re-issued by Evernight Publishing.)

Name of Author: Jennifer Macaire

Genre: Urban fantasy

Description of main characters:

Jack, 29 when he died, 6'5", black hair, blue eyes, is a zombie but works in the ultra secret M.U.C.I. (Mutant and Undead Criminal Investigation). 

Setting: in alternate universe town reminiscent of New Orleans.

Length: 300 pages


Jack's back from the dead. His mission? Catch the Heart Taker, a mutant terrifying human and undead alike. Jack teams up with his ex-girlfriend Brianna and a hot zombie named May to catch the killer - he has to hurry, the Heart Taker has chosen Brianna as his next victim.

What’s hot?: A hot scene when Brianna makes love to Jack after he shows her his stripper moves.

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