Friday, 26 June 2015

Book stats

Here some book stats for my books:

Overall bestselling book – Submissive Training (approximately 42% of all my sales has been for this book)

Bestselling book on Bookstrand – Wife for Three (interestingly, this did better than Submissive Training which does better third party)

Highest number of ratings on Goodreads – Submissive Training with Retraining the Sub closely behind

Highest number of page views for a single post on my blog – ‘Nude & Erotic photos’ (I don’t think they are wanting to view what I think they are wanting to view….. this post was to highlight the fact that I used my own experiences having erotic photos done professionally in one of my stories The Sub Who Switched)

Highest number of page views to one of the pages – ‘Doms & Acquaintances’ series – with ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ very close behind. (These two series have cross over characters)

Longest book to write – Retraining the Dom (I was suffering from writing exhaustion before I started this and left off completing it for many months so was quite refreshed when I finally got back to it)

Quickest book to write – Marital Duties which appears in ‘The Men for Hire’ series which is out in September (I wrote this in three days!)

Oldest main character – Beth in Kink After Dinner who is very nearly the same age as me!

Youngest main character – Taran in ‘Alien Manhunt 1 & 2’ is a mere 21 (can I remember back that far…?!)

Most ménage partners – Collared by Wolves (one woman with four men)

Longest book – The Last Werewolf (approx. 60,000 words)

Shortest book – Marital Duties (approx. 8,000 words but this has yet to be edited so may well end up longer!)

Most researched – hmmm, I’ve done lots of research for the BDSM stories but probably the one with the most research was Bounty Hunters’ Captive as I have lots of references to classic sci-fi

Number of books set in Europe – three. Kink After Dinner and BDSM Weekend are both set in England. The Last Werewolf is set in England and Finland.

Number of books set in space – five. Wife for Three and Chasing Emily are both set on the fictional colony planet of ‘Duoterra’. Bounty Hunters’ Captive is mostly on board a spaceship. Alien Manhunt 1 and 2 (and then 3 to come very soon) are set on each of the characters’ home planets with some travelling between (Cinattra, and Espoonia with 3 being on Earth).

Number of werewolf stories – three. The Last Werewolf, Collared by Wolves and Torn Between Two Lovers

Favourite book to write – Friendly Seduction (I had great fun taking the piss out of my own genre!)

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