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Men for Hire anthology author interview

Welcome to Tina Donahue, the second of the authors from the forthcoming ‘Men for Hire’ anthology. Over to you…

Thanks, Jen. Glad to be here. I’m an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, Luminosity, and indie. Yay! Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work, and trust me, I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve had my books reach finals in the EPIC competition, one title was named Book of the Year at a review site, and others have won awards in RWA-sponsored contests. I’m actually featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Talk about feeling like a freaking star. Before my writing career, I was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company. Outside of being an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, I’ve flown a single-engine plane (scary stuff), rewired an old house using an electricity for dummies book, and have been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally whenever I’m eating anything Mexican or Italian. Yeah, I like to eat (burp).

Your Writing

The ‘Men for Hire’ anthology has a specific theme. That of a firm in London run by Jennifer Archer offering ‘men for hire’ to do any job from dog walking, house sitting, DIY, chauffeuring, etc…. How did you find this theme easy (or hard) to work with?

I had fun with the theme. Wish I had the money to hire a hottie to help me with stuff like grocery shopping, washing the car, having naughty fun. If only Jennifer’s place really existed.
(Too true!)

This is Luminosity’s first anthology. Have you had any short stories accepted in an anthology before and tell us the title of your story in the Men for Hire anthology.

I’ve done a number of anthologies for Kensington and indie. My title is Got Muscle? A play on the ads for milk in the United States that always end with Got Milk?
(Ah! That explains it)

‘Men for Hire’ is contemporary MF/MFM stories (there will be a follow up anthology with MM stories later on). What other genres do you normally write?

Just about everything – contemporary, erotic, erotica, historical, paranormal, suspense, ménage, romantic comedy, sweet romance.

The stories in the anthology are all between 8-12,000 words. What is good (or hard) about writing a short story?

Trying to get enough emotional build between the characters before the sex scene. It’s always easy to bring two friends together for a roll between the sheets. In Got Muscle? David and Bree are strangers and from different countries (Bree’s a transplant from New York). It was a bit of a challenge to get them up and running quickly.

Tell us about the characters in your story

Bree is 27, has chestnut brown hair and green eyes, and works in advertising – beauty products. Ugh. Bree’s a little uncertain of herself since the company transferred her from New York, where all the ladies are ultra-thin and drop dead gorgeous, to the UK (on the other side of the moon as far as she’s concerned). Bree is pretty, not beautiful, and she wears a size 12 (gasp). Determined to get into a size 6 if it kills her, Bree’s decided an exercise machine is just what she needs. Trouble is, she can’t put the dumb thing together. Enter David.

David is 31, 6’3” and simply gorgeous. Blue eyes, dark brown hair wavy and thick, very nice stubble, a bod to die for (the pecs, the abs), plus a bad boy tat on his forearm and shoulder. Yum. David’s also got bucks-big time. He used to be a solicitor but left to establish his own startup that actually helps people find jobs in this rotten economy. Yep, he’s a good guy. Since he’s friends with Jennifer, he’s agreed to help her out and do odd jobs that come along.

Blurb for ‘Got Muscle?’:

It’s so nice to have a hunk around the house…

As a recent transplant from New York, Bree’s certain her company transferred her to the London office because she wasn’t model-thin like the American staff. To rectify that, she’s bought a home gym. Now all she needs is someone to put the bloody thing together so she can sweat herself into a micro mini. Ugh.

David has muscle to spare. Tall, dark, and sinfully handsome, he’s doing odd jobs for Jennifer Archer’s firm until he gets his start-up off the ground. As far as David’s concerned, Bree’s lush curves don’t need improving, just a man who knows how to appreciate them and her sweet-funny personality. He’ll definitely give her all the exercise she needs.

About You

Although Luminosity Publishing is based in the UK, we have authors from several different countries in this anthology. Which country are you from (and name of county/state). Did you grow up there?

United States – Riverside County, California

No, I grew up in the Midwest. As soon as I could, I left for beautiful Cali.

When was your first book published and with whom? 

My first book was Lady Love, 1998, with Kensington

Give one thing about yourself that you would like to change?

I wish I wasn’t shy, painfully so. When fans read my steamy tales, they’re shocked to learn I’m not like that in real life. Wish I were.
(Yes – I think some authors write their heroines the way they would like to be themselves)

Name three people you would like to be shipwrecked with (and why)?

Deacon on Nashville. Not only is he hot, he’s so sweet.

Rollo on The Vikings. OMG, he is so HOT. He reminds me of Jon Hamm in Mad Man only younger and with a bod that doesn’t quit. Talk about muscles.

Jackson in Sons of Anarchy. Whoa. He makes me want to lick the screen.

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

The bravest was soloing in a single-engine airplane during winter when the runway was icy (small airport).
(Well done, you)

Strangest (IMO) was rewriting an old house using an electricity for dummies book.

Please give links of how fans can find you on the internet/buy your books.

Amazon author page:
My page at TRR:
EC Author Page:
Samhain Author Page:
Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas:
Romance Books 4 US:

Thanks for taking part, Tina. Next month is the turn of Bella Settarra.


  1. Enjoyed the interview! Can't wait to read the anthology.

  2. Wow, Tina, we are all in awe of your piloting skills in a single-engined plane. You are very brave.

    We are all looking forward to reading your Got Muscle? short story.