Friday, 5 June 2015

Weekend Reading

A private investigator, twin panther shifters or a blood witch… that’s your choice today!

Title of book: Shakedown (Diamond and Diamond Private Detectives 1)

Name of author: Michelle Roth

Genre: Romantic mystery

Description of main characters:

Cassidy Werner – red curly hair down to her mid back, blue eyes, 5’4, rubenesque figure, late 20’s

Mike Diamond – short sandy brown hair, cropped close to his head. Hazel eyes, 5’11, muscular, early 30’s

Setting: Toronto, Canada

Length: Novelette – 13,090 words


Private Detective Mike Diamond, the low man on the totem pole at work, finds himself investigating cheating spouses and insurance fraud, more often than not. When he gets tuck with a dog-napping case, he finds himself no longer focusing on the clues, but on his new client’s dangerous curves.

What’s hot?: The most shockingly sex blow job of all time.

Title of book: Panther Magic (The Projects, 5)

Name of author: Doris O’Connor

Genre: Paranormal BDSM

Description of main characters:

Zeb and Arran Harris, six foot five, short brown hair and dark eyes, droolworthy identical twins, Doms, Magicians and Panther Shifters

Kate Duerden, five foot six, long haired, slim brunette, brown eyes, row of piercings down either side of her spine, one very feisty human

Setting: London/UK

Length: 45 k


Kate doesn’t believe in magic, let alone the Panther sort Zeb and Arran practice. What’s a girl to do, however, when she falls head over heels in lust with those sex-on-legs twin brothers? Panther shifters, Arran and Zeb, will protect their mate at all costs – even over their own lives.

What’s hot?: Protective panther shifters, magic, spanking, double penetration – and let’s not forget sex on a plane

Title of book: Blood Witch (Blood Canticles, book one)

Name of author: Naomi Clark

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Description of main characters:

Lola -  mid-twenties, black hair, brown eyes, a practicing blood witch and reluctant murder investigator, and Tristesse – pillarbox red hair, tall and slender, a demon duchess with too many secrets.

Setting: The modern-day town of Fort Rosser – just your average American place (except for the witches and demons).

Length: 48k (approx)


Lola Guntram is used to being an outcast. She's the only blood witch in Fort Rosser, mistrusted by other witches and happier working solo. But when her dark practices make her the prime suspect in a brutal murder investigation, she's forced to turn to others for help. Not that she has many allies...

What's hot?: A steamy bath tub seduction!


  1. Thanks for hosting those twins today, Jennifer. And Naomi's and Michelle's books look awesome reads :-D

  2. Thanks for hosting. Everyone's books look so awesome. I'm in good company!