Friday, 16 October 2015

Wicked Weekends


Chained To Fate [Revenants 3] by Mackenzie Williams

Contemporary Erotic Romance- Paranormal/ Vampires- MFM

What's hot: threesome in the rain.


Luke and Gabe Stone are enjoying loving Addison Mitchell. One night the threesome take a sexy and dramatic trip to a dance club for more than just dancing. While there, they run into Jett, a Revenant from the twins' past. 
Soon after this meeting, an unfortunate incident forces them out of their house. Jett generously offers to let them stay with him. One day when the Stone brothers are out dealing with business, Jett asks Addison to go hunting with him. She nervously accepts his invitation. When Luke and Gabe return to find she has gone off into the forest alone with Jett, they are furious.  
This and a few other situations start to make the twins lose some trust in Addison. Will they stay a happy threesome or has Jett put a permanent wedge between them all?

Endless Possibilities by Silke Ming
Contemporary erotic romance

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When Skye Lark rolls into the town of Cherry Hill in her Ram Pickup truck to occupy her new home, she meets Rory Ellroy and Charlie Higgins, whom she immediately considers to be hillbillies, but little does she know that behind that country-looking exterior, are two studs who will steal her heart. Rory and Charlie have been life-long friends and have shared everything. The two young men help her to bring her home back to its natural beauty and in the process all three become lovers, but Skye is not everything she appears to be, and by chance, Rory finds out more about her than she is willing to divulge. When Charlie is offered an architectural position in Alaska, Rory delves into work as an artist, but although Skye is still by his side, he misses Charlie, and a trip to Alaska brings the three lovers together again.

Hard Times by Andrew Jericho
Prison Masters 1

Contemporary erotic romance


What's hot:  Ace and Paul use a combination of BDSM techniques (cuffs, restraints, blindfolding, spanking, paddling, and kinbaku) during lovemaking while they take Tyler as their pet!


Ace Freeman is the president of Prison Masters, a BDSM club for gay males.  A good Master cares for his pets.  Ace believes that principle.  Once a triad begins to form, Ace needs to find a way to ensure his love for Tyler Chase and Paul Ryder will survive even in the hard times.  

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