Monday, 19 October 2015

Alien Manhunt 3 is out!


So, just to remind you what happened earlier in the series…

Each book follows the fortunes of three aliens (it is set in the distant future): Greg, a human; Suva, an Espoornian, and Taran, a Cinattran. As their relationship develops each of them gets hunted in different books on one of the others’ planets.

Alien Manhunt 1
This book is set on Taran’s world – Cinattra. Rocky, volcanic and home to a race of red skinned, long tailed reptilian aliens with scales on the sides of their bodies. Greg has been kidnapped but about to be released on this planet in an event whereby the captives get chased by various aliens and the one who captures them gets to keep them… for whatever purposes they wish!

Greg sets off as fast as he can and is chased down by Taran but also by Suva, a tall, elf-like creature with telepathic abilities and they then prepare to have their way with him… or do they?

Alien Manhunt 2

The trio are now a committed threesome with Greg as the dominant in their partnership, Suva, the switch, and Taran, the submissive.

Suva takes them off to his deeply forested and cold planet, Espoornia, in this story, with a plan to let the others act out their fantasies of role reversal before making both of them submit to him, but as Taran chases Greg, it is Taran, instead, who gets captured by Espoornians with whom his race were at war for centuries. Will Suva and Greg find Taran?

Alien Manhunt 3

It is Greg’s turn to take his lovers to his home planet, Earth, but Suva feels jealous of the attention Greg is giving to Taran and he storms off in a huff.

However, he starts to notice the local people are glaring at him before they start to shout abuse.

Something has happened and he is the butt of their anger – and then they start chasing him. Can Greg and Taran get to Suva before something awful happens?

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