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Author Interview

We are back with the monthly author interviews and I welcome fellow British writer, Marion Webb-De Sisto. I discovered from her website that she has a keen interesting in Women's Spirituality, Crystal Therapy and the Celestial Hierarchy. Add to that writing terrific erotic romances. Read down to the end for a contest!

Thanks for having me, Jennifer. I was born and grew up in England, but emigrated to Canada, and then to the US with my first husband. Much later I divorced him and, after almost twenty-four years away, I moved back to England with my second husband. He's an Italian American from East Boston and is my hero. Creating stories in my mind was something I did right from childhood, but I was always too busy, working and raising my family, to actually pen them until I took early retirement due to ill health. I wrote my first non-fiction book back in 2000 and my first erotic romance in 2011 when I was asked to create a novella for an Adult Only anthology. That got me hooked on the naughty-but-nice side of romance. :-) In total to date I've written five non-fiction books on certain metaphysical subjects, eight romances, and two stories for anthologies, one erotic, one horror. More are on their way.

About You

If you had one item to take into the bedroom with you what would it be?

Nothing naughty, it would be a book. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures and sometimes I don't fall asleep straight away.

One thing about yourself you would like to change?

I'd like to be a few inches taller. I'm only 5ft, so most things are out of my reach. Fortunately, my husband is 6ft and is happy to get them for me.

Name three people you would like to be shipwrecked with (and why)?

1. Stephen King so he could tell me scary stories and make me shudder. I love his horror stories.
2. Marilyn Monroe so she could keep me entertained with tales about Hollywood in the 1950s.
3. The English comedians Morecambe and Wise so they could make me laugh. I know, that's one person extra, but they always performed together. Once, when I was expecting my second child, they made me laugh so much that I went into false labour. Unfortunately, the midwife didn't think it was funny.
(hahahahaha! Love it)

Your Writing

Tell us about your latest book.

It's entitled Stolen Away. Esther's friends give her a date with a guy dressed as an angel for her thirtieth birthday. The date is a disaster and she really dislikes him. Unknown to Esther, he, Zortek is actually a demgel, someone who's half demon, half angel from the world of Kurbridor. The following night he abducts and takes her to his world. She's rescued by another demgel, named Dreydon, and they spend a couple of days together.

An attraction builds between them, but she tries to ignore it because he isn't human. Before he takes her home, they make passionate love under a waterfall. He wants her to stay with him, but she insists on going home, and so their relationship ends. Will Zortek want revenge for having Esther taken from him? If so, how can Dreydon protect her? If you read this book, you'll discover the answers to these two questions.
(Demgel! I like it J)

What makes a great hero?

For me he needs to be paranormal, like a shifter, a demon, a fallen angel, or a vampyre. Yes, that's spelt with a 'y' not an 'i'. My vampyres don't drink your blood, they steal your life-force essence/energy. Human heroes rarely cut the mustard for me. Goody-good men don't meet my unconventional taste. I want to surprise the reader by demonstrating how the bad guys are still vulnerable to love. My heroes can be mean and even nasty, but not thoroughly evil. And, of course, they always fall madly in love with the heroines.

What are you currently working on, or what's on the horizon?

I'm busily writing another story set on Kurbridor. In this one a woman is forced to become an essence slave (that means her life-force essence can be taken at any time by her vampyre master). He used to be okay, but was cursed by a witch and now is mean-spirited and full of gloom. Nothing gives him pleasure, not even sex. However, being a romantic tale, they'll be falling in love with each other, so is there any way of breaking the witch's spell?

Quick Fire round

Turquoise or mauve?

Mauve. Purple is my favourite colour and mauve is a lighter shade of that.

Historical or sci-fi movie?

Historical every time.

Bouquet of roses of bunch of wild flowers?

Ooh, I love roses, but they die so quickly once they're picked, so I'll say a bunch of wild flowers.


Links for fans to find Marion on the internet/buy her books

Luminosity Publishing for buying my World of Kurbridor romances:

My books are also available on the UK and US Amazon websites, on Kobo, Nook, and many other online book sites.


Here is an excerpt from Stolen Away:
Her body went rigid as she felt the warmth of his hand on her. This reaction wasn’t out of fear or revulsion; she wanted Dreydon but mustn’t let him know that. Over the past two days, she’d felt a bond growing between them. Her rescuer was everything she’d ever hoped for, but with one big exception. He wasn’t human. Does that really matter? A part of her didn’t think so, yet that might be the influence of the grespat juice. It was definitely reminding her how she always said true beauty came from within and outward appearance shouldn’t count. Not that his body image was a turn-off. His wings, horns, and scales didn’t bother her, she actually liked them. Furthermore, she’d probably get used to his fangs and claws. It was just the fact he wasn’t human that was proving difficult to ignore.
His presumption that she would want to sleep with him and have sex had made her angry, but part of her anger was really directed at herself and the whole situation. If she’d told her friends a date with an angel wasn’t what she wanted, she would never have been abducted, and then rescued by Dreydon. She would be continuing her life as a writer and as Anna’s assistant while he would be helping the centaurs and lycans. Or having sex with Perali and other female demgels, but that wasn’t something she wanted to think about.
Now, Dreydon’s hand was squeezing her breast. His claws were completely retracted so there was no discomfort from them. Next, his thumb flicked over her nipple and this action made it tighten. Esther felt a tensing response deep inside. A battle between her body and mind was rapidly developing. His touch was exciting her, but she must act as though it wasn’t.
“Please don’t do that, Dreydon.”
“Why? You are so warm and soft, you make my demon happy.” He released her hands and captured her other breast. As he gently manipulated the contours of her flesh, he began speaking in his native tongue. Dreydon’s voice was low and husky.
Trying to get beyond the sensual reaction that was rising in her body, Esther stated, “I don’t know what you’re saying.”
“I’m telling you what I want to do to you.”
“Oh.” She didn’t want a translation.
Dreydon pulled her shirt over her shoulders and down her arms. Once it was removed, he threw it across the room. Then he moved down in the bed until his head was level with her chest.
He came close, put his hands around her waist and drew her even closer. His tongue started licking one nipple and she gasped.
“You are my little Esther.” He sucked her nipple and part of her breast into his mouth and began a light, biting action, over and over. Before she could stifle it, a small moan escaped from her. Next, he licked and bit the other breast and her body arched against him.
“I told you this was what I wanted to do and it’s obvious you like it. Let me show you other ways in which I can make you feel even more satisfied.”
“No, no, Dreydon, this is crazy. I don’t want to become involved with you. We come from different worlds and you’re not human. It doesn’t feel right.”
He stopped the biting and answered, “You’re not fully human yourself. What we feel for each other is real and I see nothing wrong with it.” His mouth moved downward and now he was biting the small curve of her belly. She shuddered in response and somehow forced herself to say,
“Please stop, Dreydon. If you don’t, I know we’ll have sex and then I’ll be so unhappy. I like you and what you’re doing really turns me on, but I don’t want you making love to me. What I’m saying probably doesn’t make any sense to you, but it is how I feel.”
He straightened up and caressed her cheek. “I can’t understand it, but I don’t want you to be unhappy. Just let me bite and kiss you, and I’ll not allow my demon to be in command.”
Esther wondered if she could take any more of his sensual foreplay and not let it end in full love-making. She was enjoying what he was doing and that must be how the juice was influencing her. Anna would definitely say, “Go for it.” So why shouldn’t I?
“Okay, but I’m only agreeing if you promise not to do anything more than kiss and bite”
 “I promise, even though it will be difficult.” He placed his hands on either side of her head and brought his mouth to hers. His kiss was fierce with tongue action that sent her senses reeling.

Marion is giving away one pdf copy of her book 'Stolen Away'. The name will be drawn from among those who leave a comment. Don't forget to leave your email address, too, so we can notify you! The name will be drawn on Tuesday.

Thanks for taking part, Marion. Next month’s interview is Mardi Maxwell.

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