Monday, 26 October 2015

Behind the Scenes of the Alien Manhunt series

So here is a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Alien Manhunt series:

  • I came up with the original story from a dream I had
  •  I never intended doing more than one but I missed the characters and several readers also wanted to know ‘what happens next'
  • The three characters (Taran, Suva and Greg) are named for three authors who write great MM stories (Tatum Throne, Susan Laine, Alex Carerras)
  • In addition, the planets Taran and Suva are from echo where Tatum and Susan live (Cinattra = Cincinnatti, Espoor = Espoo in Finland)
  • The inclusion of the hot stone massage and water beds in book 3 is because it is my favourite type of massage - I regularly visit the spa/sauna at a place called Center Parcs in England where I adore their massages and love their water beds
  • There are echoes of books 1 and 2 in book 3, eg, there are references to a boulder, car and climbing a roof (book 1) and vines, a tall yellow planet (eg, the Rubad plant – from book 2)
  • Each book is set on a different home planet of the three guys (book 1 = Cinattra – rocky and volcanic, book 2 = Espoornia – deeply forested, book 3 = Earth – very urbanised)
  • However, they prefer to live on Orion One space station where they met in the Farpoint Bar on the station
  • A different member of the threesome gets hunted in each book (Greg = book 1, Taran = book 2, Suva = book 3)
  • The three guys take different roles in their relationship (Greg = the Dominant, Suva = the Switch, Taran = the Submissive) – but each of them take on different roles at some point in the three stories
  • Taran is reptilian and has scales on the sides of his red body, a tail and a forked tongue
  • Suva is elf-like with feathers down his spine and is telepathic
  • Greg is a human with no distinguishing features – but for all that he is strong, handsome and the leader of the threesome
  • Greg calls his penis a cock; Suva calls his a shaft; Taran calls his a manroot
  • Places they have sex include: over a boulder (book 1), up in a tree and while caught in a net (book 2), on a waterbed, in the sea and against a wall (book 3)

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