Monday, 30 November 2015

Naughty Christmas Wishes - some juicy background info

‘Naughty Christmas Wishes’ – due out in a couple of weeks – is my first Christmas story, but also my first totally fantasy story. I have done several paranormal stories – all about werewolves but a huge part of my werewolf stories involves real life wolf behaviours.

Naughty Christmas Wishes involves a fairy and four elves. Santa also makes an appearance, as does one of the reindeer, and an angel, a troll, a siren, a Valkyrie, a nymph and a pixie.

It was fun not to be limited by human conventions since these are all more fantastical than werewolves and I had fun imagining that there was a paranormal bar where all the creatures met (except the woodsprites who went off to warmer climes for Christmas!) and that humans just didn’t notice their comings and goings being ‘more blinkered than the reindeer’!

The fairy might have had a one night stand with the elves she had just met but I didn’t feel the need to include any lube since ‘dolls are flexible’! And it was easy to undress her since ‘humans don’t see the need to put underwear on their toys’!! Hehe.

Come back next week to find out more about Naughty Christmas Wishes.

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