Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sex lives of erotica writers

Should an author reveal everything about themselves? Particularly one who writes erotica/erotic romance?

I recently completed some interview questions for a blogger (I will let you have the link when it goes live). She had three lots of questions for me to choose from. The ones I chose were the naughty questions – and they were wonderfully fun to answer.

But this begs the question – do readers want to know about the authors, warts and all? For instance, I was asked if I call on my own experience when writing sex scenes … so I honestly told her when I have used my own experiences. Some, I suspect, will open some people’s eyes, some of my stories were amusing and some will explain how I undertake my research.

So, tell me, readers – do you want your authors to undertake the activities they write about and draw on this experience, do you think it is totally from our imagination and/or research. If you expect us to draw on our sex lives, would you rather we keep quiet about it?

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