Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wedding Day!

I went to a wedding on Saturday – not mine! It was a wedding one of my best friends, Liz, who I have known for 11 years.

Here's me transforming from a middle aged woman to wedding guest.

What made it special was that she asked me to do a reading (not one of my stories, sadly! LOL. A poem she had chosen). I was expecting to be nervous or excited but I hadn't reckoned on the fact that I got very emotional reading it!

It was a fabulous day. Although I felt rather like ‘Hinge and Bracket’ in my long floaty dress with hair fascinator, big jewellery, shawl and carrying the poem. For those that are too young (or not English) to remember, Hinge and Bracket were a pair of female impersonators pretending they were Edwardian ladies who would sing ditties! It was my choice to dress up like this as the dress was my fourth attempt to find one I liked – at one stage in my attempt to buy a red lace dress I ordered the largest size online and when it arrived it still didn’t fit! Now, I am only a size 14 (UK size) so goodness knows who the market was for that particular dress!
(By the way, notice Holly the rabbit in the pic with me in the dress. She was eyeing up my dress as a great place to hide under!!)

Thankfully, I wasn’t asked to sing, but actually extremely honoured to be asked to do the reading and delighted to welcome Paul into Liz’s family tree as I’ve done several researches into Liz’s family over the years (she has to keep in touch with me as I know all her family secrets!).

There were several people there I knew, the ceremony lovely, food and surroundings terrific. Unfortunately, no single men for me - other than the 5 year old on my table, the lovely Lucas (who parents kindly gave me a lift to the venue) - I kept him entertained with stories about Holly!

Here is the bride and groom (both scrubbed up well! LOL)


And finally, here's a pic of me with Liz.

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