Monday, 4 April 2016

Blog stats

I was checking my blog stats the other day – I haven’t checked it in ages. I first discovered the stats page not long after I started my blog in November 2011.

At the time my blog had been accessed most from the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Romania, Australia, Finland, India, Mauritius and Philippines.

These are the latest ‘all time’ stats:

United States 26859
United Kingdom 9268
Russia 5926
France 2272
Germany 2239
Ukraine 1365
Canada 992
India 704
Turkey 522
Australia 495

Clearly the most views come from the USA which isn’t surprising considering the biggest market for our biggest is America. Some of the original 10 countries are still in there – Russia, India, Australia – but I am intrigued by the inclusion of Ukraine and Turkey! However, welcome to all my readers.

Another stat I noted at first was that there was a drop in views between 4-8pm UK time – which fits in when people are going home from work. Looking at this again now the dips are different – after a dip at 7am (uk time) there is a rise at 8am, dipping again at 1pm rising at 4pm.  So that would suggest views before work and late afternoon if viewing from England. If viewing from the USA then anyone viewing at 8am uk time it would be the middle of the night so unless we have a lot of night owls, this rise may be due to people viewing from time zones ahead of me, eg, Australia, for whom it would be evening time, I guess. Similarly, the rise at 4pm UK may be those in the USA checking in at lunchtime.

My most popular posts are entitled ‘Nude & Erotic Photos’ and ‘Erotic Movie Scenes’ – these are misleading. They refer to the fact that I used my own experiences of having nude photos in one of my stories (The Sub Who Switched) and in Friend or Foe the heroine is an author who uses erotic scenes from movies in a book she is writing and the man interested in her offers to help her research them. I suspect when people are googling these terms they are expecting something entirely different!!

Taking those aside, my most popular blog posts are from the series I did on ‘Fictional BDSM versus Real Life BDSM’ and also from the ‘Behind the Scenes of a Publishing House’ – which includes interviews with a marketing manager, acquisitions editor, and book cover designer.

As for the most popular page views – those are for the ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ series, followed by ‘Doms & Acquaintances’ series and next ‘Retraining’ series.

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