Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dr Scribbly and Bea Noir

Yippee! I won a prize at Smut by the Sea from Dr Scribbly for the best piece of writing based on the performance of his partner, Bea Noir – which could be a scenario for a story, poem or what ever. Here's what I wrote - and a pic of Bea doing her fabulous superwoman performance).

Rion Aeb was from planet Scribblon. You could tell this from her turquoise hair and her tribal tattoos. She was also a superhero but unfortunately Earth was overrun with superheroes. However, she was lucky enough to have a skill that no other superhero had - she could shoot daggers from her vagina.

Whenever Rion spied a poor excuse for an Earthling who abused animals, she would use the nearest suitable location - a chair in a library, the bonnet of a passing taxi, the backseat of a motorbike driven by her lover, Doc (his red Mohican denoting his own planet of origin being Manchesterly) - and she would open her legs wide. Her head would drop back and out in a straight line would fly the daggers of death. Her aim was impeccable and she never missed her target.

Anyone thinking she can only fire one knife at a time.... Be warned. She keeps spare daggers in her boots. Be good to animals and you are safe.

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