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Spotlight on Series - Battle of Wills

Spotlight on series: Battle of Wills

This has just the two in the series as I came up with the title of ‘Retraining the Sub’ then thought an accompanying title should be ‘Retraining the Dom’.

These two books are available in paperback as a print combo, eg, both stories in one book.

Retraining the Sub

When submissive Ann misuses her safe word once too often she is told to attend a retraining program. However, the only Master prepared to train her is hard, inflexible Luke, the man she jilted eight years previously
It becomes a battle of wills to see who will lose control - the battle being about trust. Can Ann give up control and trust a Master? Can Luke trust Ann not to run away again? The emotional victory for each battle flies back and forth between them. Who will ultimately win?.

(Titbit: I actually didn’t like the book cover when they sent it as the ‘sub’ of the title is a woman – but this is one of my most popular book covers!).

Reviews include from the Long and the Short of it Reviews: Retraining the Sub is fast paced and filled to the brim with bratty sub antics and a Dom that is determined to have the last word.”

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Retraining the Dom

Club Allure has a retraining program for Doms, and Trey must go on it. However, he is much too strong a Dom to let anyone else order him around. The owner of the club comes up with the idea of asking an older and extremely experienced Domme to retrain Trey, and try to understand his hidden past. Unlike the Dom Olivia sticks to the rules, and is also very imposing physically.

What no-one realises is that Olivia is a sub at heart, but through circumstances became a Domme. She has to try to stop Trey topping her, but he is everything she ever wanted in a Dom and a man, except too many years have passed. Meanwhile, Trey finds himself having fun with a woman for the first time ever and gradually recognizes the sub in Olivia. But when Dom challenges Domme, who will win?

(Titbit – There is a sex in a hot tub scene – and I have had sex in a hot tub! LOL).

Reviews include from Night Owl Reviews:The chemistry between Trey and Olivia is scorching. The sex scenes were searing.”

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