Monday, 13 June 2016

Walking the streets of York

I had a great time recently walking the streets and alleyways of York – okay, so I know there is a name for people who do that! LOL.

This was part of the six week step challenge and I decided to give myself the task of walking every street and alleyway within York’s city walls. That is not as daunting as it sounds – it only takes ten minutes to walk from one side of the walls to the other – but as I was walking the length of every street I often had to go back on myself, particularly if I was walking a cross street, or no-through road.

I discovered parts of York I have never visited before – some beautiful, some ugly (particularly the newer parts). I also found some new alleyways – commonly called snickleways bringing together the three different names for an passage (snicket, ginnel and alleyway).

I also found the riverside walk along the smaller of York’s two rivers – the River Foss. I knew it existed from the maps but I couldn’t work out how to get onto it.

Six hours and twenty minutes’ later I was done (an hour of that were rest breaks!). I was very exhausted and footsore but proud to report that I added another 36,000 steps to my total (approx. 18 miles). Here's me by my favourite church - St Denys' (naturally!)

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