Monday, 27 June 2016

Background to Dark Captive

Readers might like to know where I got my inspiration for my latest story - ‘Dark Captive’.

I belong to a group on Facebook called Naughty Book Club. It is a fabulous group (closed group because of the nature of the items posted) for people to find out about new erotic books, discuss them, learn more about the authors who write them or just generally discuss topics. We’ve had some terrific discussions about BDSM and seen some marvellous pics.

A GORGEOUSLY sexy photo that was posted was of a naked woman, her upper body face down on a table toward a window where you could see her reflection along with that of a man who was behind her. It was clear the two were having anal sex.

One of the admins to that group suggested a ‘flash fiction’ competition to go with the photo. Unfortunately, they had to remove the photo as there were complaints to Facebook.

However, I had already written my flash fiction so I put it aside for another occasion. A year or so on, I was looking for an idea for a dark story and I revisited that scene that I had written to go with the photo. The rest of the story was written around that photo! J

If you buy the book you will find exactly that scene. The reflections in the window are a very important part of the story! *wink* I am saying no more. You’ll just have to read it yourselves!

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  1. People who don't live the lifestyle or enjoy BDSM or love stories of forced seduction will not understand this story. As I can clearly see that this isn't their cup of tea....don't read books about captivity and or forced seduction and or any books about BDSM if you hold the belief that BDSM is abuse. As with all fiction, some will please others while it won't please everyone. That is okay. There is no reason to attack the author. I've had the privilege to work as a social worker in a hospital setting. I can distinguish between fiction and what I do for work. There's a big difference. Keep writing, Jennifer!!! Love your stories. xoxo

  2. This story is on the ball with the BDSM lifestyle....really the comment above is bullying to the extreme and this reviewer is stalking BDSM authors trying to do as much damage as possible. Dark Captive is brilliant!!!!