Monday, 29 August 2016

Love & Lust in Space anthology

Love & Lust in Space anthology

I can now declare we have an anthology! The stories that were submitted fell into two categories: futuristic earth and alien worlds. So the anthology will be in two halves with one epilogue story which covers both those areas.

I will tell you more about the stories and authors in due course, but as the publisher said, ‘They are a cracking set of stories’! All I will tell you is that we have MF/MM/MFM stories, which includes weightless sex, sex toys, an alien princess, BDSM, exotic dancers, alien archaeologists, hired killers, an alien ambassador, reproduction in space experiment, futuristic virtual reality and randy astronauts (well, that’s exactly what we want!).

One of the stories is mine involving a woman married to a man who has sex only once every five years when she discovers a Sonic Dilda’tor and uses it to enhance their marriage…

Actually my story came out of the Sex in Sci-fi workshop I did at the last Smut event and at the end I had them do a sci-fi cluedo exercise (a person, a location and an object). The example I gave was Miss Scarlet on Vulcan with a Sonic Screwdriver – so I adapted that. She is now Skarlet on Vulvania with a Sonic Dilda’tor. I am saying nothing more. You will have to read it. J

Hope it will be out later in the Autumn. Watch this space…

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  1. So looking forward to reading your story, Jennifer, and so excited to be a part of the anthology. :)