Friday, 5 August 2016

Teddy Bear Olympics


I have my great niece, Faith, staying with me again for a week then I have the next two weeks off to watch the Olympics on the tv. However, before that I have planned to have Teddy Bear Olympics with Faith! (She is nearly 10). We will choose 8 bears /soft toys to represent countries from around the world and make flags. Then have an opening ceremony.

Following this we will have 8 sports – so for long jump we are going to lay on our stomachs at the end of the hall corridor and see how far we can throw teddy (it is a foul if teddy hits the walls or stairs!). The longest wins!

This will be completed with a medal ceremony.

Other ideas include:

weightlifting – books of increasing weights placed on teddy’s head until they fall off.

slalom canoe – pushing teddy in a box around a course, but we have to push with our heads without the box touching the sides.

tennis – how many bounces on a racquet.

relay race – teddy is the baton that we have to pass to the other as we run down the garden path.

And so on. At the end we will have a closing ceremony with indoor fireworks! I’m going to have fun even if she thinks it is all too silly! LOL

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