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Spotlight on Series: Hunted

Spotlight on series: HUNTED

There are three stories in this series, which is now completed (although I am toying with the idea of a ten years on story which will be only available if you buy the paperback!), and follows the fortunes of the same three aliens in each story. They are (imaginatively titled) Alien Manhunt 1, Alien Manhunt 2, and Alien Manhunt 3.

Alien Manhunt 1

Abducted and forced to run for his life in a manhunt comprised entirely of human men, Greg spies the two aliens fiercely competing to capture him, and he begins to lust after both of them. Taran, a hunky humanoid/ reptilian, and Suva, a tall, beautiful, slender creature, are both desperate to get to the human first, while being attracted to each other. Back on Earth Greg was the dominant one, but the situation has changed now. What do they want with him? Sell him, torture him or make him into their sex slave? Each one keeps their innermost desires secret. But is the truth finally out?

(Titbit: This story came out of a dream I had and when I woke up I thought, what a fab story that would make!)

Reviews include a reader review on Amazon: This is the first book I have had the pleasure reading by Jennifer Denys, definitely will be reading much more. Gave the book 5 stars because I loved the ménage relationship between the men...scorching!”

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Alien Manhunt 2

Planning to let his mates act out their fantasies, Suva takes them to his home planet of Espoornia and lets submissive Taran chase Dominant Greg for a change—with a sneaky scheme to end it all in a marriage ceremony.

But Suva’s plans go awry from the start and one of them is hunted for real. Worried about the one captured being sold or killed, the remaining two have a hard time searching for the other. But then they find themselves in danger, too. Will they escape? Will they ever be free to marry?

(Titbit – I never intended doing more than one story but readers said they wanted to know what the trio got up to next!)

Reviews include a reader review on Rainbow Book Reviews: “If you like space opera that doesn’t take itself too seriously, if you enjoy reading about interspecies shenanigans that include some cross-cultural misunderstandings and their consequences, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, hot, and very funny in places, then you will probably like this short story.”

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Alien Manhunt 3

Greg takes his husbands to Earth, his home planet, but Suva feels left out as Greg seems to be providing treats that suit the third in their marriage, Taran, like a romp in the sea. Because the feathers on his back would get wet, Suva stays on the shore before storming off in a huff. However, he starts to notice the local people are glaring at him before they start to shout abuse. Something has happened and he is the butt of their anger – and then they start chasing him. Can Greg and Taran get to Suva before something happens?

(Titbit – I came up with the idea for this book whilst at a spa having a hot stone massage – which appears in this book!)

Reviews include a reader review on Exquisite Reviews: “While I have not read the two previous books I am not sure how much I could gather from the story. I was surprised at the summary provided by the author and was able to get a picture of the dynamics between the characters very quickly.

I definitely want to read more about their new journey and you will have to read this to find out what I mean…”

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