Thursday, 8 September 2016

5th Anniversary - all about my books

Today’s anniversary post is about my books (naturally!)

Five genres I have written - BDSM/Sci-fi/Paranormal/Contemporary-Romantic Comedy/Fantasy

This year I am branching out as I am in the middle of writing a crime anthology which is family history related (as I am a genealogist) and am plotting a children’s story. See my post last Monday for a fuller post on what sub genres I have written.

Top five best selling books

1.   Submissive Training
2.   The Submission Challenge
3.   Retraining the Sub
4.   Wife for Three
5.   The Sub Who Switched

40% of my sales are for Submissive Training and it is still my best seller every quarter unless I have a new book out. I do wonder if people think they are getting a manual?

The Submission Challenge and The Sub Who Switched, I suspect, have done well on the back of Submissive Training as they are in the same series.

Five types of story I have written

1.   a co-written novel with Susan Laine (The Last Werewolf)
2.   light novels (Collared By Wolves/Torn Between Two Lovers / Wife For Three/Chasing Emily)
3.   novellas (the three in the Friends & Acquaintances series, the three in the Doms & Acquaintances series, Bounty Hunters’ Captive, BDSM Weekend, the two Retraining books)
4.   short stories (Kink After Dinner, Dark Captive, the three Alien Manhunt stories, Naughty Christmas Wishes)
5.   stories in anthologies (Marital Duties in Men For Hire, The Sonic Dilda’tor in Love & Lust In Space – due out later this year).

Five favourite book covers

The cover for Submissive Training is the only time the character has looked EXACTLY how I envisaged my heroine. We are very reliant on what is available in stock pictures.

I actually asked for another cover for Retraining the Sub originally as I argued the ‘sub’ of the title was the heroine. But, thankfully, I was persuaded to keep it!

This fits everything I wanted – a forest scene, a submissive heroine and four guys and a wolf in the background.

Out of the three Alien Manhunt stories which feature the same three characters, this is my favourite as Taran is even more gorgeous than I envisaged him!

This is such a fun cover and the elves are so gorgeous!

Top five blog posts

Actually not a list of the top five as several are in series:

Behind the Scenes of a Publishing House series (interviews include those with a publisher, a book cover designer, a marketing officer, an editor, a self-publisher, and acquisitions editor).

Fictional BDSM versus real life BDSM series (posts including the Dom/sub look, the age of subs, dealing with jealousy, behaviour).

The Wicked Weekends series (every Friday I feature up the three authors promoting their latest stories).

Writing a new genre (with posts from people writing horror, menage, gay, sci-fi, steampunk, crime).

Other than that my top post is Nude and Erotic photography – which was not what it sounds as I was talking about some professional nude photos I had done and how I had used that experience in a story!

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