Sunday, 11 September 2016

5th Anniversary - Awards and Snippets

This is the last day of my 5th anniversary celebrations and today I am highlighting five awards and five snippets!

I have actually had more than five awards but am just picking five out.

In 2013 I was runner up in the Sexiest Scene category with Retraining the Dom with the 1st Evernight Publishing Readers Awards.

“Livvy, Livvy. I thought you wanted a kiss.” He raised his eyebrows at her in a mock-seducer way. “You know you do. And maybe you do merit a reward after all you have been teaching me.”
She narrowed her eyes as she tried to take in his comments and contemplated how sincere he was being. Taking advantage of her stillness he captured her lips in one swoop, and as her mouth opened instinctively he plunged in, capturing her tongue.
God, he tastes wonderful! Peppermint notwithstanding, it was more the taste of Trey—rich, strong, and mature. Her lips widened beneath his as she finally pulled her arms free to wind them around his back, digging her fingers into his shoulders. The two of them tangled tongues, pressing, stroking, each striving to take control, to dominate the kiss.
It was Dom against Domme.

In 2014 I was Semi Finalist in the Best Romance on the Go category with Alien Manhunt for the 2nd Evernight Readers Awards (and winner in 2015 for this book with the Menage Readers Fans Awards in the Best Gay Heroes category).

“Okay. There are other things they might do, like take me prisoner. Maybe this hunt is a way of showing who is the strongest.”
He laughed harshly. It could be an intergalactic version of a game show with the winner getting him as their prize. It was such a contrast to his normal life. Back on Earth he was the dominant type, the one who chased after others.  One night stands were something he often did in the past, his pick-ups doing exactly what he told them to do.
That made him sit up and think. “Christ, whoever captures me might want to make me into a sex slave!”
Part of him really liked the idea of being subjugated by either of the two hunting him. Better them than some of the other aliens who stared hungrily at him in the compound. There was one who looked like a giant pig in leathers and another with a mouthful of sharp teeth in his crocodile-like body.
Having said that, from the looks of the muscular alien chasing him he appeared to be reptilian, too, but since he hardly wore any clothes Greg could see his scales were limited to the sides of his red-skinned body. Okay, so he also had a tail. However, the rest of him appeared human-like, if somewhat demonic.
The alien looked rather short, probably shorter than he. Greg reckoned, with the creature’s bulging muscles, that once caught, Greg would never get free. He’d be held down, his wrists tightly clasped as the reptilian lowered his wide chest onto his, crushing the breath out of him. He wouldn’t be able to move beneath him.
Does he have fangs? Greg imagined the alien biting his neck, his chest, his nipples, causing delicious torment as he went. In an instant, he’d be flipped over and the demon would start biting his buttocks, moving his hand between Greg’s legs to tightly clasp his hard throbbing cock.
“I’ve got you, at last!”

In 2015 I was winner of the Best Paranormal category for Torn Between Two Lovers with the Menage Readers Fans Awards.

Jace stood for a moment. “Um, as much as it’s wonderful to see you, Evie, why are you here?”
Evie shrugged. “I missed you,” she said in a quiet voice.
He thumbed over his shoulder, indicating outside, and grimaced. “And is the big guy, Mr. Rock-hard-muscles-who-will-smash-me-to-pieces or tear-me-limb-from-limb, gonna turn up next?”
She chuckled at his description of Stefan. Poor Jace had yet to see Stefan’s softer side. “Probably not.”
Jace lifted an eyebrow. “I was hoping it would be a ‘definitely not.’ I adore that you are here, but I also value my life, sweetheart.”
Closing her eyes, she bowed her head, trying to blink back tears. She had to make a decision. And make it now. Stefan or Jace? Rough or smooth? Dominant or submissive? Werewolf or human? She loved Stefan desperately, and she loved Jace equally.

In 2015 I was winner of the Best Sci-fi category for Bounty Hunters’ Captive with the Menage Readers Fans Awards.

Sitting there in shock Felissa studied the mist which had unexpectedly appeared on board their spaceship. Rayn fell to the floor immediately, and Garin succumbed moments later.
It floated in her direction, sending out a tendril that touched her foot, and then shrank back to the men, seemingly uninterested in her.
 “Okay, who the hell are you? And what do you want with my two big lummoxes?”
Felissa was amazed when it took the form of a female. Well, a sort of woman, without definite features.
 “So you’re a girl. I get that. Don’t you have your own men that you have to steal mine? Jeez. And you had to choose these two?
She watched as the mist settled itself onto Rayn.
“I guess this is a first contact situation. Haven’t you heard of the Prime Directive? You’re not supposed to interfere with a developing species and, believe me, those two certainly need their brains developing!”

In 2016 I was runner up in the Best BDSM category with BDSM Weekend with the Menage Readers Fans Awards.

“So, James,” Master George was talking to him and James started, realising he had to concentrate. “Let’s consider that. How do you feel about involving others in your play if they are strangers?”
Glancing at Caroline, James saw her give a slight shrug. It was one thing to joke about doing it, but quite another when it was presented to you as something that could well happen. “I think we would talk about it first. We’ve always discussed these things together. But we might possibly do it.”
“Very good. People in general would find a lot out about themselves if they opened up more,” stated the Master rather enigmatically. He was writing in a large, ornate notebook. “I will see what I can arrange.”

James’ heart leapt in his chest. Jesus! What have we let ourselves in for?

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