Saturday, 10 September 2016

5th Anniversary - exciting things I've done in five years

The posts in today’s anniversary post are about exciting things I’ve done in the last five years

5 things I didn’t expect to be doing when I started – making friends with ‘real’ authors/mentoring new authors/giving writing workshops/co-ordinating-editing anthologies of stories/being on Facebook.

5 workshops/readings I have given (I’ve done more but here’s some of them) – Collaborating with a co-author/Writing Werewolf Stories (photo was from this session)/Sex in Sci-fi – readings from Friendly Seduction/Bounty Hunters’ Captive.

5 writing conferences/workshops/talks I have attended – Eroticon in Bristol (twice) & London (once), Smut by the Sea in Scarborough (every year!), Smut in the City in Manchester & Luton, Sh! In London to attend Spanking and Blowjob classes, and in York Janine Ashbless talking about trees & their mythology. (I know that’s way more than 5!!)

5 countries I’ve visited with proceeds from royalties – Finland, USA, Holland, Belgium, France (photo was in the stunningly beautiful Monet's garden in France).

5 exciting things I’ve done non-writing related in that time – got a tattoo (see pic), been on a mini cruise, practised BDSM (actually that is writing related but I’ve always had an interest), got central heating installed (again, writing related because I could finally afford it!), attended the Olympics (in London).

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