Friday, 2 September 2016

Wicked Weekends


Title: Highland Wolves: In the Beginning

Author: Clair de Lune writing as Flora McGregor

Genre: Wolf Shapeshifters

Sexual Orientation: MF

Type of book: Novella

What's hot?: Sex in the bath-house


In the beginning the Goddess, Luna, honoured four wolf shifter packs with her favour. To protect them against the hunters, Luna moved her four packs deepter into the Cairngorm range. There the settlements flourished. 

Balvaird leads the Brodie pack, and he's worked hard to re-establish order since he took over. Now it's time for him to find a mate. When Morag wanders onto his territory she leads him a dance and sparks fly, but it's clear they are destined for each other.

So what can possibly go wrong? One rogue shifter is determined to have Morag for himself, but can he succeed against the will of the Goddess?

Title: Unexpected Destiny (Assassins and Sweethearts Series)

Author: S.J. Maylee

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense

Sexual orientation: MF

Type of book: Light novel (40k)

What’s hot?: Sex in kitchen with assassin and moonlight


Elizabeth Martin thought she had her happily ever after, until her husband mysteriously disappeared. Aidan Clery is a skilled assassin-for-hire who wants nothing more than to find the love of his life. Fate throws Liz in his path and everything is perfect, except Aidan just won the contract on her life.

The truth surrounding Liz’s estranged husband takes the pair on a dangerous journey. Nothing in their lives will ever be the same. Destiny may be unexpected but it will be up to Aidan and Liz to discover the truth and claim their real happily ever after.

Title: Idolize (Dark Storm series)

Author: Maggie Mundy

Genre: Contemporary

Sexual orientation: M/F

Type of story: Novel

What’s hot?: Phone sex


Cassi moved to LA to escape a violent past and wants anonymity for herself and her son. She is starting to get her life back on track when she meets Declan Reed. He is the latest hit on the Hollywood scene, playing the lead in the TV series, Dark Storm. She gets the love of a TV star and the fame that comes with it causes her past to come back and haunt her with what could be fatal consequences.