Friday, 6 January 2017

New Year's resolutions/plans for 2017

New Year’s resolutions/plans for 2017:

  1. Produce a newsletter for fans at least four times a year.
  2. Visit the remaining two English counties I have never been to (West Sussex and Cleveland - picture is from Chichester in W. Sussex)
  3. Finish the children’s fantasy story I am writing with my great niece.
  4. Arrange for the oak tree I have grown from an acorn to be cut down because it is too big! (*sad*)
  5. Finish the historical crime story based on real life family stories I started writing in April.
  6. Go back to Portmeirion (again! I can never have enough of that place).
  7. Writing a shifter story before end of Feb for an anthology call.
  8. Replant my Shakespeare garden (only plants mentioned in his plays – more on this next week). 

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