Sunday, 1 January 2017


This time last year I came out of hospital after my cancer op (literally on New Year's Day!) Thankfully it all went well and I didn't need any after treatment. But my own mortality has never been closer and every birthday, holiday, event, this year I very much felt like "Yay! I've got to another birthday, Christmas, etc."

I managed to walk over 1 million steps during my work's annual step challenge in 2016. (This is the milestone step!)

I went back to Portmeirion (which I adore! I want my ashes to be buried there when I die one day so that I can walk those woods forever). 

I did massive refurbishment of my garden including relaying the garden path.

I visited some counties I'd never been to (only two outstanding!). This is the stunning Stamford (actually in Lincs which I have been to previously but it was on the way to Rutland so I stopped off there).

Hopefully 2017 will continue in the same vein, but whatever happens in life, live it to the fullest. Don't put off until tomorrow something you could do today because you might never get the chance.

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