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Author Interview - Kryssie Fortune

I haven’t done an author interview for a while so I thought I would start the New Year with one from a good friend, the lovely Kryssie Fortune! Over to you, Kryssie. Tell my readers all about yourself….

Thanks for having me, Jen. I’ve always had an overactive imagination. I was the kid who sat her dolls around a tea set for a picnic and told long involved stories. They probably made no sense, but at least I got to eat the sweeties from their tiny cups and saucers. A few years later, I had an imaginary dragon for a best friend. I loved the library, especially the books about Roman and Greek Gods. With hindsight, it’s no surprise that my first published books were paranormal romances. While I still love the paranormal genre, Loose Id’s request for three linked holiday stories took me into the world of contemporary former military heroes and the women who steal their hearts.

About You

What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

I think it was back in my teens when I went caving. We explored a tunnel said to have been an outlaw’s hideout. Apparently, one of them still haunts it. Once we got outside the guide said we should go back through it without torches. I did it because everyone else did, but that was both brave and stupid. My imagination kicked in. I could almost feel the ghost wrapping icy tendrils around me.  I needed out—fast. But the passage was only wide enough to go single file. I’ve been claustrophobic and scared of the dark ever since.

Who was the first boy/girl you kissed?

My godmother’s son. He was four and I was three—or so my mother always said. Sorry, Stuart, your kiss was completely forgettable.
(haha! JD)

Name three people you would like to be shipwrecked with (and why)?

Emmeline Pankhurst - "Trust in God - she will provide." Because she changed the way women saw themselves and the way women interacted in society.

Germaine Greer - "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever." I've heard this lady speak, and, while I don't agree with everything she says, she always makes me think.

Eleanor Roosevelt - "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Because she has such positive opinions.

The three of us would never be short of conversation.
(Wow! Three very strong women - four with you! JD)

Your Writing

Tell us about your latest book.

Sex, Scandal, and the Sheriff is the second book in my stand-alone trilogy, Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge Readers will have met Sheriff Sean Mathews in the first story – Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine. Sean is a former SEAL turned Sheriff. When he visits his scientist brother, Ethan, in Washington, Ethan persuades Sean to pretend to be him and attend a soiree. The soiree turns into a drugged-fuelled orgy, and Sean spanks a beautiful blonde. Later, he learns she’s a spy who wanted to learn his brother’s secrets. The story makes the papers, and Sean’s happy to return to Westhorpe Ridge. He thinks the soiree’s behind him, but the blonde with the spankable butt turns up in his home town.
(Sounds terrific! JD)

What makes a great hero?

To me, a hero is man who melts around the woman he loves. It doesn’t matter what his past is, or even he comes with fur and fangs. He just needs to put everything on the line to make the heroine happy. If he spanks her along the way, so much the better.

Is there any trivia about your latest/forthcoming story that you can share with us (eg, the name of a real life pet that you used in the story)?
I needed an imaginary American town. The United States is a big place, but my son, Rob, played American Football in university. He supported the 49ers. His dad was for the Washington Redskins. Me? I supported the Carolina Panthers. That’s how I settled on Carolina. Better still, the Marines have a huge base in Jacksonville. What a happy coincidence.
(Interesting! JD)

What’s the hardest part of writing?

I’m dyslexic. I check my manuscripts six or seven times before I read them aloud. Then my wonderful husband reads them.  After all that, my editor still finds mistakes.

Quick Fire round

Tall skinny or short but muscular?

Tall and skinny. He can always put muscle on if he needs to.

Hawaii or Norway?


Turquoise or mauve?


A juicy grilled steak with garlic butter or vanilla & raspberry cheesecake with white chocolate?


George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt

Flogging or paddling?


Bouquet of roses of bunch of wild flowers?

Either. Both. A single flower bud even. I always have flowers in the house.


Links of how fans can find you on the internet/buy your books?

I’m active on social media.

My Amazon USA author page is

My Amazon UK author page is

And here is an excerpt from Kryssie’s latest book:

Now she craved a man’s hands on her body and his cock in her mouth. Multiple partners sounded amazing as did being tied down and spanked. Rough sex would make her night. She needed to be stroked, caressed, and screwed, not necessarily in that order.

She wished she’d paired up when the men were sniffing around women like dogs looking for the biggest bone, but the monkey-suited guys who thought they were God’s gift to women had made her flesh crawl. Well, the blond had been okay. The worst had been the dark-haired one who’d run one hand along her arm and the other over his crotch. In return, she’d rammed her three-inch heel into his foot. Pierced it, she hoped.

He’d sworn, raised his fist, and hopped around like a drunken kangaroo while she’d skedaddled across the room, but his glare had promised retribution. The encounter had left her shaken and distressed, eager to go home. No way would she lower her standards and make out with a creep like him. The blond she’d seen earlier, though, him she’d happily strip off for and screw, but he’d probably found another woman by now. If she hadn’t been so picky, he could be fucking her now. Regret made her frown.

In her imagination, a sexy stranger pulled her into a private room, tugged off her panties, and spanked her until she begged them to stop. Afterward, he’d fuck her hard. This cat-in-heat thing wasn’t her usual modus operandi, but the need boiling through her blood pushed her common sense aside.

If she hadn’t been such a prude earlier, she could be spreading her legs and begging some man to use her body any way he wanted. Sharing her secret desires with a stranger didn’t usually figure on her to-do list, but tonight she’d do almost anything for sex.

Every night as she rubbed her clit until she drifted off to sleep, she conjured up images of her dream lover. She’d never pictured his face, but he’d be well over six feet tall, blond-haired, and his chest would be so broad she could lose herself when she leaned against it. His abs would be defined, more an eight pack than a six, and his cock would be thick, broad, and lickably solid. She imagined a faceless man putting her over his knee and spanking her bare butt. Afterward, he’d hold her close and cuddle her as though she rocked his world. In her dreams, when he sank his cock into her, they shared a passion so intense it felt like a sensual earthquake.

Nearby, a woman Jazz didn’t know pulled off her panties and twirled them around on her finger. Her partner laughed and lifted up her dress so he could stare at her exposed pussy. Even as Jazz lurked in the shadows, she saw the woman’s juices gleaming on her clit. God, Jazz wanted to be as bold as that woman, but despite the unbridled need flowing through her body, she lacked the courage to do anything so desperate or so sexy.

Beneath her borrowed red dress, Jazz’s nipples ached to be kissed, clamped, or caressed. Her pussy tingled as her habitual inhibitions collapsed. Like a lioness seeking her mate, she stepped out of the shadows and prowled the room.

The urge to pull off her dress and show off her body made her hands shake. Only, her skinny thighs and too-small breasts wouldn’t attract the sophisticated men gathered in this elegant friend-of-a-friend’s house. Maybe, since no one wanted to screw her, she could find a room and masturbate away her urges.

Over by the balcony, a well-made-up beauty abandoned her dignity and wrapped her legs around her partner’s waist. As she linked her arms around his neck, he undid her halter top and bared her breasts. Another man moved behind her and toyed with her nipples. Jazz had never seen anything so sensual or wild.

Not far from the buffet, a woman leaned over a table, her bare ass on display. Behind her, a man grinned like the devil, all white teeth and dark intent. He slapped the woman’s butt hard enough to make her squeal, but she sounded more excited than distressed. The way the woman wiggled her hips and panted for him to do it again proved that. Five minutes later, the woman wept uncontrollably, and her ass shone bright red beneath the harsh electric lights, but she had the look of a contented she-cat as she writhed in sensual delight.


Thank you so much for being interrogated! LOL. Wishing you lots of sales. J

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