Friday, 13 January 2017

Wicked Weekends


Title of book: His Plaything [Slade, Inc. 2]

Author: Mackenzie Williams

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance, BDSM

Sexual orientation: MF

Type of story: Novel

What's Hot?: Sex in the office stairwell 


It has been a couple of weeks since Connor Slade offered Morgan White a more permanent job with Slade, Inc. Morgan and her boss are getting closer and closer, except for one aspect of their lives. Morgan rarely gets to see Connor outside of the office setting. She is concerned that maybe their relationship will never strengthen beyond her merely being his office plaything.

Her insecurities only get worse when Mr. Slade hires a temporary secretary for an upcoming business venture. Did Mr. Slade hire her just for the extra help or is there more to it? Has he grown tired of only having Morgan to "play" with? Can Morgan ever be enough for Mr. Slade?

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Title of book: Everything I’ve Dreamed Of

Author: Norah Bennett

Genre: Contemporary

Sexual orientation: M/F

Type of story: Novel

What’s hot? Sexy tech guy


Kate Willowbrook dreamed of a life filled with beauty - a man who loves here, friends, and a home. At eighteen, Kate's dreams were replaced by nightmares when she witnessed a crime. Kate fled, never settling down and never trusting anyone until at the age of thirty, she discovers the small town of Lakes Crossing and CEO, Noah Reed.

When Noah's wife was killed in an accident, his world exploded. Noah settled for an empty, loveless life until the day he met Kate. When he learns about Kate's past and finds she is still in danger, Noah takes over, becoming over-protective - to the point Kate feels stifled and controlled.

As Noah and Kate struggle to put the past behind them and find a balance that fulfills both their needs, they learn that there are no guarantees in life, but in Lakes Crossing they have been given a second chance at love.

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Title of book: Friendly Seduction

Author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: Contemporary/romantic comedy

Sexual orientation: MF

Type of story: Novella


Sci-fi writer Matt has been told by his editor to include more sex in his stories so he appeals for help from his cousin who connives to get him alone with her housemate, Lissa, who has a huge crush on Matt. Bouncing ideas off each other they amusingly analyze erotic romances at their meeting, like why the heroine always seems to wear front-clasped bras. Startled by his attraction to her he pretends he needs assistance with an imaginary story.

Each time Lissa visits he uses a scene from the story about two bounty hunters in space who make love to a girl they are delivering to her owner. Beginning to write this for real these scenes gradually become more intimate involving whipping, sex toys, oral sex and more until they make love. But is she just helping him for the story or does she reciprocate his feelings?

What’s hot?: Use of a sex harness

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