Monday, 2 January 2012

Inspirational Mondays

Hi everyone

Happy New Year to you all. My inspiration today is me! 2011 was an amazing year for me, not least because I became a writer – which had been a lifelong dream. I am still bouncing off the walls with excitement and long may it continue.

My first book Just Good Friends came out in September, and then my second book, The Submission Challenge, was released in November.

Here is the cover of my third book – Friendly Seduction – which will be released in a variety of e-book formats on 11 January through although it will be available for pre-orders from sometime this week.

This is the second in the Friends & Acquaintances series and you get to meet all the women in both the Friends and Doms series (this is the linking book to both series).

In this one Lissa, who has a huge crush on Matt, is manoeuvred into helping him on his latest story (manoeuvred by the machinations of the other women!). As she helps him he becomes aware of how much he is attracted to her and, not realising the depth of her attraction to him, he uses his story as a way of seducing her by asking her to help him practice some of the scenes (which are naturally the sex scenes, of course!).

This is a direct sequel to Just Good Friends in that it is about a woman who falls in love with someone she already knows and is very light-hearted and humorous. In fact I had great fun taking the mickey out of my own genre with this one. Matt has been told to include more sex in his story so Lissa explains what works and what doesn’t work in erotic romances like the fact that the hero always has to be tall, hunky and good-looking, never short, fat and ugly! (We women can be so fickle!)

I will put up an extract on Weds.


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