Monday, 16 January 2012

Inspirational Mondays

For inspirational Mondays today I’ve collated some of my reviews – the type that make you feel good (from editors, readers, professional reviewers, or fellow writers).

  • This is a light-hearted, sweet, romantic story about a couple of book-loving friends with a mutual love of Sci-Fi (yay! nerdsex!). The characters come across as really likeable people well suited to each other. (Just Good Friends).
  • This was a short story which was a nice read (Just Good Friends).
  • There were some very funny lines, and the fact that both characters were geeks was interesting.  (Just Good Friends)
  • This is one of those love stories that leaves you feeling good. This is an exciting story, no dull moments and that oh so romantic ending, but that ending wont come easy. Great story, well written. (The Submission Challenge)
  • Wow! This was one really good book. I can’t wait to read the next one in this series (The Submission Challenge)
  • Rebecca has some really great comebacks, and her snarky comments make her a fun and engaging character that works really well with Jon’s. (The Submission Challenge)
  • The banter between the hero and heroine works well to show the natural progression of their relationship, especially as the reader gets to see Lissa become more comfortable with Matt. (Friendly Seduction).
  • The ending was set up well, and it was romantic and sweet, which suits the characters’ relationship. (Friendly Seduction)
  • I can't remember when I've laughed so hard while reading an erotic romance. It's sweet and it's hot and it's funny. The humor here is at the heart of the story and of the romance. Whoever said you couldn't have a novella of ninety pages with a good plot are proven wrong here. Jennifer Denys makes this story a sensual experience of two people finding surprising and arousing means past their shy attraction for each other. Every page is a delight. Humorous, sensual and loving. Sex has never been so sweet and so much fun. Highly recommended! (Friendly Seduction)
It’s interesting that as I grow as a writer the reviews are getting better! I particularly liked that last one – naturally. And as a ‘teaser’ for the one out next month (Submissive Training) these were a couple of the editor’s comments:
  • The scene where Ben cares for Kat after she gets her nipples pierced was a great way to show how he cares for her. He’s compassionate, which enhances his status as a Master since he knows how to treat his submissive. 
  • Ellie’s enthusiasm meshes well with Kat’s reluctance, and their friendship helps push the limits of Kat’s character to enhance the development of the internal conflict between her and Ben.

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