Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesday writing

I promised you more about the ‘Friends and Acquaintances’ series.

They are all about a group of female friends who fall in love with someone who is a friend, acquaintance or colleague (as are the 'Doms & Acquaintances' series but the difference is that the Friends' series is lighted hearted and humorous and more about analysing erotic romance while the Doms is more intense about analysing BDSM).

Just Good Friends – is about Jessie and Sam. Jessie is incredibly shy and Sam is her best friend who, like her, is a sci-fi geek and they meet up regularly to discuss their latest book or film. At one of their meetings Sam accidentally discovers Jessie’s secret stash of erotic romances and, pretending an interest in this genre, persuades her to discuss one of those at their next meeting. One thing leads to another and they end up practising some of the scenes they are reading. Along the way Jessie’s shyness recedes as Sam helps her explore her sexuality but neither expected to fall in love.

Friendly Seduction – is about Lissa and Matt. Lissa has had a crush on Matt for a long time but he hasn’t noticed going about his usual business of writing sci-fi. When he is told by his editor to add more sex to his stories he turns to his cousin, Gina, who happens to be Lissa’s flatmate. Gina engineers Lissa to end up alone with Matt whose eyes are finally opened. Not realising the crush Lissa has on him he invents a story whereby he needs help with his sex scenes just to get his hands on her but the story they plot out is so good he starts writing it for real. But will they open their hearts to each other before Matt finishes writing his story?.

Friend or Foe (this book is due out in May - picture to come nearer the time) – this is the final in this series and is about Gina who is strongly attracted to a work colleague, Dan, who enjoys winding her up. The queen of insults she gives as good as she gets. However, when he finds out she is writing an erotic romance enacting erotic movie scenes he starts to tease her unmercifully but gradually gets interested in her writing and Gina starts to rely on him for support instead of insulting him. This includes practising some of her scenes on a piano, in a car and in the bath but when do they realise their feelings are more than just good sex with a friend?(Everything you want to know about what it is like to become an erotic romance writer I have imbued into this story!)

The characters from the Friends' series do cross-over into the Doms' series so any of these six chararacters mentioned above may appear or be referred to in that series (and vice-versa). For example Jessie announces her pregnancy in Doms 2. Also be aware that all six books from the two series are in chronological order starting with Friends 1 then Doms 1, Friends 2 and so on so that by the end of Doms 3 Jessie will have had her baby!


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