Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Friendly Seduction


Friendly Seduction is out today via the publisher’s website. It will go on Amazon in about a month.

This is the second in the 'Friends' series and a couple of things have been brought home to me - that writing a series helps book sales from your back list because two copies have been bought of the first book in that series, Just Good Friends, after Friendly Seduction started being advertised for pre-orders. These were the first sales of JGF since 22 November (although there have been lots of sales on Amazon).

There will be one more book in the 'Friends' series (Friend or Foe which has just been accepted by the publisher for release in May (DOUBLE YEAH!) and I will go into more detail about the series and the three books in it next week.

The other thing is that the pre-sales of the first book in the 'Doms' series (which was the second book I wrote) took more pre-sales than either of the two books in the 'Friends' series together and then some. I suspect this is because the 'Friends' series is humorous, almost romantic comedy with just mild BDSM whereas the 'Doms' is very much about exploring the Dominant/submissive lifestyle (hence the title of that book The Submission Challenge) and that topic is something that readers want to read about! Therefore I suspect the next book out next month (Submissive Training) which is the second in the 'Doms' series, will do well. (At least I hope it will!)


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