Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Extract from Friendly Seduction

As promised here is an extract from my forthcoming book, Friendly Seduction (available now for pre-orders from )

In this scene Matt has invented a scene from a story he hasn’t written just to be able to get his hands on Lissa who thinks she is helping him practice scenes from his sci-fi story and he has just tied her up.

“What would you be doing if you were the girl?” he asked softly, his head close to her ear. He tried to breathe normally, but her closeness was arousing him.
Silent for a moment, she then stated in a breathy voice, “It depends how hunky he is. If she wanted him, she wouldn’t struggle much.” She giggled.
He did slap her butt this time, but gently. “Stop it, you minx. She doesn’t want to be taken because it will mean being sent back to her owner.”
She turned in his arms, her face showing her astonishment. “Her owner! What sort of future is this?”
Grinning at her fierce expression, he quickly invented a story. “She put herself into servitude to pay off debts but then ran away from her cruel and ugly master who wants her back—hence the bounty hunter.”
“Okay, so she doesn’t want to be taken, then. Particularly if her owner is ugly,” she retorted with a mocking tone. “Therefore she’ll be screaming blue murder and continually struggling to get free.”
Turning her back, he continued, “Let’s assume I am incredibly muscular and no amount of struggling will get you free. In fact, she is so busy struggling she hasn’t noticed he has managed to pin her hands to the hook in the wall of the spaceship.” He proceeded to move her back to the door. Turning her to face him, he lifted her bound hands and tied them to the hook and then stepped back a pace. God, she looked gorgeous standing there tied up with nothing to stop him touching her body. Maybe there is something in BDSM after all.
“That’s a cop-out.”
He was confused. How did she know what he was thinking? “What is?”
“When the guy manages to get the girl to where he needs her to be because she is too busy struggling, looking around her, or distracted by something.”
“Hey, that’s called literary license!”
“Hmm. I’m not convinced. Neither will your readers be taken in.”
Pausing a moment to think, he then suggested, “I’ll just have to spend time describing her gorgeous body as she is tied there. I think the readers will forgive this slight transgression if I do that.” He wasn’t inventing this as the body before him was gorgeous.


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